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Photos   -  World's Strictest Parents Ep. 207

Group Shot The Tilleys gather for a family photo.
On the Job The parents put the teens to work.
Listen Closely A teen gets further instruction on how to complete the task at hand.
Time Out The teens gather in the garage for a quick conversation.
Deep Discussion The boys sit down for some man-to-man dialogue.
Helping Out The kids lend helping hands in the kitchen.
Supper Time The teens help prepare dinner.
Giving Instruction One of the children helps by reading cooking directions aloud.
Behind the Scenes The crew snaps a photo of the Tilley family.
A Green Thumb A teen participates in some yardwork.
Teamwork The teens work together to make the landscaping more attractive.
Yardwork A teen helps collect pine cones from the yard.
Gone Fishin' The family straps on life vests as they head out to do some fishing.
Wide Load The family unloads potential firewood from the trailer.
Working Hard A teen assists in unloading logs for the fire.
His Hands Are Full A boy fills his arms with firewood to carry back to the house.