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Photos   -  World's Strictest Parents Ep. 208

Man to Man The boys step aside for a private discussion.
A Temporary Job A teen works as a farmhand for a day.
Cattle Cuisine A teen gathers food to distribute to the animals around the ranch.
Pay Attention The kids take direction regarding their work assignment.
Stealing Bases A teen takes a breather on the base.
New Additions The Hughes family prepares to welcome Jacob and Tyler into their home.
Recap Pat and Holly get each other's thoughts on the day's events.
Roadside Reflection A teen takes advantage of a quiet moment as he awaits his transportation.
Catching Up Two teens chat about the day's events.
Who's Next? The kids drag the food supply from one location to another.
Dinner Is Served As a part of chores, the teenagers help to feed the cattle.
Country Living The family's Florida-based cattle ranch keeps them busy.