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Photos   -  World's Strictest Parents Ep. 209

First Encounter Teenagers Bekki and Sebastian meet the Illigs for the first time.
Helping Hands The teens help the Illigs restore their home after the massive Nashville flood.
To Do List Ken gives out the assignments for the day.
Clean Sweep Bekki works to rid the porch of autumn leaves.
Focused Sebastian concentrates on his task as he helps Ken with outdoor work.
Man's Best Friend Sebastian finds a furry friend while on the job.
Tough Girl Bekki proves she's not afraid of hard work.
Fireside Fun The clan puts the collected wood to use in a backyard bonfire.
Working Hard The boys retrieve metal scraps from the trailer as they work on repairing the house.
On the Sidelines The girls stand by as the guys do the dirty work.
Waterlogged The group takes a look at the damaged car.
Standing Around Sebastian waits his turn as Bekki cleans the windows.
Water Break The teens take a break from yardwork to grab some water.
Getting to Know Each Other Tammy Jo and the kids engage in an outdoor conversation.
Tough Job Bekki pressure washes the pavement.