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The Wilcox Family Can the Wilcox family help turn around the lives of unruly teens?
Hard Work Will hard work turn unmotivated teens into team players?
Dirty Job Stephanie helps the Wilcox family rake leaves.
Double Trouble Stephanie and Matt are put to work in the yard.
The Guys Matt has a chat with his temporary dad.
A Helping Hand Matt and Stephanie help with yard work at the Wilcox home.
Taking a Break Matt spends time skateboarding.
On the Beach The ladies chat during a walk on the beach.
Girl Talk The beach provides a peaceful place to chat.
The Sheffield Family The Sheffield family tries to help two wild teens learn the values of respect and hard work.
Working Hard Can the Sheffield family teach party-loving Danielle about hard work?
Danielle Works Outside Danielle helps the family with chores around the home.
The Sheffields Teach the Teens The Sheffields demonstrate chores to the teens outside their Texas home.
Chris Lends a Hand One of the teens helps out with an outdoor task.
Chris Digs In A member of the family observes Chris' work.
Teen Helps Out Chris helps Mr. Sheffield with a project.
Food for Thought Mr. Sheffield and Chris share a meal after a long day of work.
Garden Party Danielle observes as Mrs. Sheffield shows how to tend a garden.
The Carroll Family Can the Carroll family help two disobedient teens with an attitude adjustment?
Wyatt Wyatt, a selfish teen with an attitude problem, spends a week with the Carroll family. Can he gain a new perspective on life?
Wyatt and Mary Serve Food Self-centered teens Wyatt and Mary learn about the importance of helping others while serving food at a cafeteria.
The Carrolls and Teens at Dinner Can Mary and Wyatt learn to obey the Carroll's strict rules?
Mary Serves Others Mary experiences hard work while helping out at a cafeteria.
The Carroll Family Teaches Teens The Carroll family exposes the teens to the value in helping others.
Cuddle Up Will working on a goat farm help turn around the attitudes of two unruly teens?
The Robinson Family Can the Robinsons teach two teenagers how to behave?
Playing With the Goats The two teens learn the value of hard work on the Robinson's goat farm.
Antonia Will the Robinson's guidance help Antonia change her attitude?
Antonia Performs Chores Antonia helps out with the chores on the Robinson's goat farm.
Work Hard, Play Hard One of the teens shares a carefree moment with the family.