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The Robinsons and Antonia The Robinsons pose for a picture with Antonia. Their intervention has tried to help her change her unappreciative attitude.
Hugs All Around The Robinsons help unruly teen, Myles, to change his out-of-control lifestyle.
Myles Enjoys the Outdoors Myles takes a walk around the family's goat farm.
Myles Helps With Family Chores Myles learns about hard work on the Robinson's goat farm by helping out with chores and duties.
Myles Shows Talent Myles shares his musical talent while at the Robinsons.
New Skills Can Victoria stick with the family's strict rules?
In the Kitchen Caleb helps out.
New Family Can the Cooper family help out two troubled teens?
Helping Out Caleb lends a hand.
Fun Times The kids take time for ice skating.
Having Fun The kids pose for a photo while ice skating.
Waiting Victoria waits for a ride to see her new family.
Caleb Arrives Will Caleb be able to handle a new strict family?
Caleb and Victoria Caleb and Victoria meet before beginning their new adventure.
Time for Work Will hard work help disrespectful teens?
Family Rules Helping with chores is expected in the household.
Attitude Can a new family help improve a teen's attitude?
Double Trouble Will living with the Brown family help these girls straighten up?
The Brown Family Can the Brown family's tough rules help turn around the lives of two teenage girls?
Exercise The girls get a lesson in karate.
New Family Can this family help change the attitudes of troubled teens?
New Arrivals Samantha and Nick meet at the airport.
Attitude Adjustment Will a little teamwork help these teens straighten up?
In the Kitchen The teens get instructions on what's happening in the kitchen.
Meet the Staff Can a little hard work help these teens turn their lives around?
Tough Job The teens don't seem too happy about their new task.
Cooking Lesson Can some responsibility help troubled teens?
Helping Hand The teens help out in the kitchen.
Hard Work The Ballard family believes hard work helps keep kids out of trouble.
Helping Out The Ballard family believes kids should participate in family activities.