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Ballard Family The Ballard family takes in two troubled teens.
Working Hard Lilly helps with family chores.
Communication The women have a chat.
Fun Time The family enjoys spending time together.
Time for Work Will hard work help disrespectful teens?
Bundled Up Will a week with the Smidts change Anthony?
Bonding Time The Smidt family open their farm up to Anthony.
Apple Picking Anthony helps around the house during his week-long stay.
Feeding Time Sierra bonds with the horses on the Smidt's farm.
All Together Sierra spends time with the horses on the Smidt's farm.
One-on-One Anthony chats with Mrs. Smidt.
Doing Chores Will a week with the McCormick family help change Zach?
Exciting Exercises Karli participates in aerobics during her week with the McCormicks.
Painting Karli helps paint while staying with the McCormicks.
Working Up a Sweat Zach exercises during his week-long stay.
New Heights Will this week of hard work change Karli?
Working Together Will this week of different experiences change Karli and Zach?
Jumping Over Obstacles Zach tests out the exercise equipment.
Push Ups Karli gets encouragement while exercising.
Worn Out After staying with the McCormick family, will there be a change in Karli and Zach?
Hard Work The guys work together.
Talking It Out The girls participate in bonding time.
Bunch Together Will this family be able to change the teens?
Changed Teen Ronnie takes in daily chores.
Rest and Relaxation Ronnie and Cristiana take a break.
Play Time Cristiana plays a game of beach volleyball.
Fun in the Sun Ronnie takes in the view.
Play Time The family takes in a volleyball game.
A New Beginning Will this week of hard work change Cristiana?
A New Start Will a week of a different family change Ronnie?