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Coaching Parents Both parents in the Bolton family are coaches at the local high school.
Keep Running Will exercise as a punishment work with wayward teens?
Time to Work Can rebellious teens become team players?
Helping Out Can teenagers learn to live under a new family's rules?
Taking a Break Will hard work help change a teenager's behavior?
In the Kitchen The girls are cooking up something good in the kitchen.
Study Time Good family values are important to the family.
Family Project The family spends time on a project outside.
Teen Teamwork The family works on the camp.
Life at the Camp Work on the camp can be fun for the family.
The Rutherford Family The Rutherford family welcomes troubled teenagers to their ranch.
Ranch Hand Taking care of the horses is a part of daily life on the ranch.
Hold Your Horses The Rutherford Ranch has three horses that need care.
Horsing Around Taking care of the horses is hard work the family enjoys.
Horsing Around Horses are hard work but are also a lot of fun.
Family Toys The family enjoys their toys.
Life on the Ranch Troubled teenagers get a life lesson on the Rutherford Ranch.
Life on the Ranch Troubled teenagers learn life on the ranch can be challenging.
Life-Changing Experience Can the Rutherford family help teenagers turn their lives around?
Lend a Hand Life on the ranch involves hard work.
Working Hard The Rutherford family lifestyle includes physical work.
Dinner Time The family settles down for a meal.
Morrison Family The Morrisons are ready for the challenge of taking in troubled teens.
Acting Up Can unruly teenagers learn to behave in the Morrison home?
Chores Chores are a part of life in the Morrison family.
Teen Turnaround Can the Morrison family teach teenagers how to behave?
Sweat Equity Garrett helps out with chores.
Lessons Learned The Morrison family hopes to help teens learn to respect their parents.
Hanging Out The kids relax in the living room.
Sew What? The women try out their sewing skills.