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Couch Potatoes The kids relax on the couch.
Time to Sew The family sewing machine gets put to good use.
Fridge House rules are posted on the refrigerator.
Cork Family The Cork family teaches unruly teens how to behave.
Gracie Even 4-year-old Gracie has chores to do around the house.
Family Time The Cork parents put their family first.
The Heltons Paul and Dana take up the challenge of disciplining teenagers.
Hard Work The teens learn how to take care of horses.
Lessons Learned The teens get a taste of Paul and Dana's zero tolerance approach to parenting.
Whitney and Stephen These teenagers try on a new set of parents.
Horsing Around The guys take care of a horse.
Horsing Around The guys take care of a horse.
Time for a Chat Can a new lifestyle change the attitudes of the teens?
The Family The Helton family includes daughters Emily and Molly.
Chores The girls get to work on their chores.
Feeding Time The girls enjoy feeding the family's animals.
Hard Work The girls help take care of the family's animals.
Home in Tennessee The teenagers have to deal with a strict lifestyle in Tennessee.
Katie Katie's parents sent her to Tennessee in hopes of an attitude adjustement.
McCuin Family The McCuin family tries to help discipline unruly teens.
Bowling Break The family has fun at the bowling alley.
Time to Work Can physical work help turn the teenagers around?
Party Time The teen's party days may be numbered.
World's Strictest Parents Welcome to the Hatcher home.
World's Strictest Parents Reed and Jessica get a taste of life on the farm.
World's Strictest Parents A horse gets to know the teens.
World's Strictest Parents The teens learn about life on a farm.
World's Strictest Parents Can farm life turn these teens' attitudes around?
World's Strictest Parents The teens are dressed for tough work on the farm.
World's Strictest Parents Work on the farm can get physical.