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Relaxing The kids take it easy on some hay bales during a break from their workday.
Listen Up The teens take direction about their next project.
Teamwork The teenagers work together to accomplish the task given them.
Put to Work The family works hard in the kitchen.
Up Next The teens await further instruction.
Time to Eat The family prepares food for the restaurant's customers.
Take Five Two guys break for a quick conversation.
Suit Up! The teens take a look at one of the company's advertising ploys.
Curbside Delivery The restaurant employs a creative marketing tactic.
Talking It Out The boys step away from the action for a brief discussion.
Time Out Ashley takes a moment to rest before getting on with her assignments.
Dirty Dishes All kitchen work ends with cleaning duty.
Say Cheese! The Pavoni family assembles for a group photo.
Family Photo The Smith clan gathers for a group shot.
Family Picnic The teens enjoy an outdoor meal with the Smiths.
Taking A Break These girls show that life on the farm is never too busy for a little fun!
Showtime! The guys watch the girls' backyard performance.
Let's Dance! The family learns some cheerleading moves.
Giddy Up! The family visits the stables for a horseride.
Dirty Work The teens participate in stable-cleaning duties.
Tough Job It looks like the teens have their work cut out for them!
Asking For Help A teen works on stable chores.
Tidying Up It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.
Housekeeping The horses' stables are thoroughly cleaned out.
Learning From A Pro The teens learn how to complete their assigned chores properly.
Working Hard The girls get to work in the garden.
Missed A Spot The teens are instructed on how to complete their chores.
Breaking A Sweat The teenagers learn what hard work really is.
Gather Around The entire group comes together for a family meal.
Helping Out The kids take on the task of picking up firewood.