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Angels Among Us

Elisabeth Hasselbeck brings you real-life survival stories. Did angels lend a helping hand?

Watch: Medical Miracles

When it seems there is no help left, miracles can happen. Watch the full episode online now.

Watch: A Crash, a Tornado and a Dream

A soldier has a dream that saves his life. Was it an angel that spoke to him? Watch the full episode now.

Watch Now: 9/11

They survived the attacks on 9/11. Ten years later, their true life tales are re-created. Watch it online.

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  1. Good ol' boy Ethan Newby is alone in his backyard, working on his tractor when suddenly...  Read Full Summary »


  2. In a Florida emergency room, Jeff Markin is declared dead 40 minutes after suffering a...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Mechanic Bruce Van Natta is just seconds from heading home when the 12,000-pound logging...  Read Full Summary »



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About Angels Among Us

  1. Witness events that led up to a life-changing moment and an ultimate encounter with what can only be described as an angel. These are your friends, your neighbors -- everyday people who against all odds have survived extreme events from catastrophic car crashes, to apocalyptic weather, debilitating diseases and even the biggest terrorist attack in U.S. history.

    Each awe-inspiring episode features three incredible true-life tales of people who faced their darkest hour and saw a light. The uplifting hour-long series presents compelling firsthand accounts of life-and- death situations with carefully crafted re-creations, to bring viewers a one-of-a-kind look at the world of angel encounters.

    Each episode will conclude with a follow-up to find out just how these people been impacted, where they are today and how they've applied the lessons they've learned to their current lives. Each story and each result will be personal, profound and unique -- the one common thread being that each of our subjects was truly saved by an angel.

    Whether it's a shining light or a physical presence, these subjects are here to provide living testament that angels are real. At the end of every hour, even the most hardened skeptics will find it hard to deny there are indeed angels among us.

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  1. Saved by an angel?

  2. Medical miracles in the emergency room.

  3. A crash, a tornado and a dream.