1. GERALD -- 62 -- Gerald is the charming and carefree patriarch of the family, whose constant smile and zest for life is infectious. Gerald is adamant about enjoying his recent prosperity (he calls the whopping monthly checks he receives from the gas...   Read More

  2. KITTEN -- 59 -- Kitten is Gerald's wife of over 40 years and is the eyes and ears of the family. If there was a Dowden chess set, she would definitely be the Queen, moving in all directions, doing her best to protect her husband, but at the same...   Read More

  3. VALERIE -- 42 -- Valerie is Gerald and Kitten's oldest child who works for the public defender's office in Shreveport and prides herself on being a legal professional. She and her three children: Jessica (19), Devyn (16) and Nikki (10) all live in...   Read More

  4. CHANTEL -- 41 -- Chantel is Gerald and Kitten's second oldest. She's much more timid and self-conscious than the others, but is the sweetest one of the bunch. She's recently become the proud recipient of a brand new set of teeth, courtesy of her...   Read More

  5. ALBERT -- 47 -- Albert is Chantel's offbeat, live-in boyfriend of seven years. Although he comes off a bit strange and often-times unintelligible, he is a very sincere and hard-working guy who absolutely adores Chantel (he said he knew he was in...   Read More

  6. GERALD JR. -- 37 -- Gerald Jr. is Gerald and Kitten's eldest son. He's a professional ATV racer and the daredevil of the family. He's the only one of the four children who lives off the Dowden compound, in a solar-powered home with his wife Peggy...   Read More

  1. THOMAS -- 34 -- Thomas is Gerald and Kitten's youngest son and is the "mama's boy" of the family. He is the most outspoken and opinionated of the children and has a fiery, competitive streak, especially when it comes to his older brother and his...   Read More

  2. GRANDPA -- 90 -- Grandpa is Kitten's father, who prides himself on being a real ladies man. He claims to currently have five different girlfriends who hail from all around the globe. He lives with Gerald and Kitten in his own bedroom/bachelor pad...   Read More


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