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  1. "The Boss"

    Born and raised in East Texas, Chief Steven Jones got to Trinity as fast as he could. He has been the glue that has kept the Trinity Police Department together since 2008. Though he's a fun-loving and affable practical joker, nobody in...   Read More

  2. "Big Sexy"

    Big Sexy is Barry White in a uniform. Large and in charge, Big Sexy has enough charm to spread around Trinity, twice over. As a man who takes pride in his appearance, he is only seen looking and smelling his absolute best. Beloved by...   Read More

  3. "The Rookie"

    Felix Morales, 30, is new to the force, and it shows. This over-eager, know-it-all rookie will do anything to be a super cop, but despite his good intentions, his execution usually goes horribly wrong. A former military guy who...   Read More

  4. "Little Man"

    Officer Sikes is known as a "Pit Bull in a Chihuahua's body," thanks to his short fuse and small stature. A hard-nosed, brass-tacks officer, Sikes takes his job a little too seriously. His on-the-job skills include being able to tell...   Read More

  5. "The Sergeant"

    Sergeant Randy Wheeler is the 'grown up' of the department. Chief's right-hand man, Wheeler seems like a serious guy but is a practical joker at heart with a deep love for donuts. Though he's fearless in the streets, he's...   Read More

  6. Dispatch Supervisor

    Chason Breward is the mom of the department. She keeps an eye on the inmates, the officers in line and the station running smoothly. It's easy to rile her up, and the boys do just that with their incessant practical jokes....   Read More

  7. Chief Jones' Wife

    Melanie Jones is the Chief's wife and the owner of the Flair hair salon. Ever vigilant against "Badge Bunnies," she'll mess up any woman who tries to get too close to her husband. She is very opinionated and not afraid to give...   Read More


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