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  1. Jeff is a divorced ex-cop who started Barton Bounty Hunters so he could help make his town safer while getting to work with his old friends Larry and Bill. He's the leader of the pack, the one who always has to make the rational decisions and be the...   Read More

  2. Gung-ho and gun crazy, Larry has a quick trigger finger and is always eager to jump into the fray. Trouble is, he's also extremely gullible and frequently gets distracted by his incessant appetite -- much to Jeff's frustration. Despite his wildcard...   Read More

  3. Fellow bounty hunter Bill is the criminal profiler of the group. Though his skills don't quite match his enthusiasm, Bill tries hard to use charm and intellect to get the job done and take down the bad guys. When he's not fending off advances from...   Read More

  4. Lisa is the tough-as-nails, loud-mouthed bondsman who sends Jeff and his guys out on missions. When she's not bitching about Jeff and his team's incompetence, she's throwing herself at Bill and taking every opportunity she has to cop a...   Read More

  5. Despite her tense relationship with her ex-husband Jeff, Stacy does her best to be a good mom to their son Colby while trying to keep her old party girl ways in check. Now that she is newly married to a successful man, Stacy makes sure to let Jeff...   Read More

  6. Stacy's new husband Nathan is everything Jeff is not. Reliable, physically fit, successful and cheerfully outgoing, he is just perfect enough to constantly get under Jeff's skin. Watching this Type A Prince Charming steal his family grates on...   Read More

  7. Jeff's dad Jesco is a redneck party machine who never bothered to grow up or become responsible. His constant asinine behavior is a major annoyance for Jeff who's already got his hands full with the other idiots in his life. Jeff couldn't be less...   Read More


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