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John Schneider and the Dukes of Deadwood

John Schneider hangs out with the gang. But how will he like the sculpture of his pet poodle? Watch it now.

Tug of War

The gang goes on a corporate retreat, but can they survive the trip? Check it out.

Enter the Dragon

Will Stacy get banned from his favorite restaurant? Maybe this carving will help.

Time-Lapse Video of "David"

From a block of wood to a work of art, watch time-lapse video of this amazing creation.

Get to Know the Gang

Learn more about the chainsaw artists whose chosen profession is dangerous and quite unique.

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  1. When actor John Schneider shows up at Deadwood looking for a sculpture of his pet...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Stacy enlists Rio's help to complete a sculpture for a client based in Big Bear, but...  Read Full Summary »


  3. When Stacy is hired to turn a back yard stump into a Wine Bottle, a difficult carve...  Read Full Summary »


About Chainsaw Gang

  1. Chainsaw Gang follows Stacy Poitras -- one of the country's premiere chainsaw artists -- and his rag-tag crew as they create incredible works of art from wood. Stacy and his crew work hard, play hard and despite agitating one another and dealing with the everyday dangers and irritations of the trade (blades breaking and chainsaws bursting into flame, near-finished sculptures splitting open from an unseen issue in the wood, picky customers who change their mind about what they want after the work is done), they always manage to deliver an incredible work of art and a really good time.

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