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  1. Captain/Base
    Lexi is 18 and is co-captain/base for CJA. She butts heads with everyone because she can't keep her opinions to herself. Alexa comes from a big Italian family, crazy mom, loud sister and a grandmother who thinks the mailman is Ashton...   Read More

  2. Flyer
    Alexis is a 13-year-old, self-described "goofball." She started cheering when she was 3 years old and is a flyer for CJA. When competing, she revels in the attention and when she hits the mat, she's all business. Alexis looks up to the older...   Read More

  3. Flyer
    Christina has been with CJA for nine years. She has been a flyer her entire career. Although she is struggling with some injuries, she is a major presence on the floor.

  4. Side Base
    De'Anna is 16 years old and is a side base for CJA. She started cheering in the third grade and hopes to continue cheerleading through college. In addition to high school, De'Anna attends cosmetology school. Her dream is to own her own...   Read More

  5. Back Spot
    Emily is a four-year veteran with CJA and is one of the top athletes in the gym. Though she sometimes struggles with endurance, it is something she and JJ are working on.

  6. Flyer
    Gina is 15 years old and started cheering when she was 6. She is now a flyer for CJA. Her teammates call her "Baby May." Her older sister Melissa is a back spot.

  7. Main Base
    Ilyssa joined CJA for her senior year of cheerleading. She is a main base for Cristina and is enjoying her one and only year with her new team. Ilyssa will be attending college in the fall.

  8. Center Flyer
    Jackie is 17 years old and became center flyer, the starring position on the elite Senior 5 team. She is so devoted to cheering that she missed her junior prom this year to compete at Worlds in April. In addition to Central Jersey...   Read More

  9. Captain/Side Base
    Jenna was a gymnast most of her life and decided to join CJA three years ago. She is 18 years old and is a side base in Jackie's stunt group. Jenna's older sister was also a member of CJA and is now a coach for the junior squad....   Read More

  10. Main Base
    Jess is a first year member of CJA. She is a junior in high school and is Baby May's main base. Jess has some self-confidence issues she and Patty Ann are working on together.

  11. Side Base
    Kait is 18 and a side base for CJA. Last year, she fell in a major competition and lost her confidence in tumbling. Patty Ann is watching her this season. If she stumbles again, she'll be pulled from the Senior 5 team. This is Kait's...   Read More

  12. Main Base
    Katherine has been cheering for CJA for three years. She is Kriselle's main base. Although Katherine is extremely quiet by nature, her athleticism speaks volume when she is on the floor.

  13. Back Spot
    Katie is 16 years old and will be a junior in high school. She is Jackie's back spot on CJA, so she stands center. In addition to cheering at CJA, Katie cheers for her school's varsity football team. Although her mom isn't happy about...   Read More

  14. Back Spot
    Kola is 15 years old, and this is her sixth year cheering with CJA. Her hobbies include going out with friends, texting, tweeting, swimming and running track.

  15. Flyer
    Kriselle is 15 years old and has been cheering since she was 3 years old. She was center flyer but lost her spot when she fell at a major competition. Jackie is now center flyer, and Kriselle wants her spot back. Kriselle has 10 brothers and...   Read More

  16. Back Spot
    "K.J." is 17 and started cheering when she at age 10. She recently joined CJA as a back spot and immediately fell in love with all the coaches at Central Jersey All Stars. This September, Kristina will be a senior in high school.

  17. Side Base
    Lea is the baby of the Senior 5 team. She is 13 years old and is side base. Since Lea started cheerleading at age 4, she's always dreamed of being on Senior 5. This year she was finally age eligible, and she's living the dream. This...   Read More

  18. Back Spot
    Melissa has been with CJA since she was 9 years old. She is now 18 and a back spot for CJA. She started cheering when she was 7 and will continue cheering in the fall at college.

  19. Captain/Base
    Summer started cheering when she was 5 years old and is captain/base for CJA. She graduated from high school in June 2012 and will be attending college in the fall, hoping to major in nursing. Her hobbies include working out, reading...   Read More

  20. Side Base
    Vicki has been with CJA for two years. She is Cristina's side base. Vicki has had to work very hard to achieve level give skills in order to maintain her spot on the team.


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