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Watch: Roller Derby

Does this mother of three have what it takes to be in the roller derby? Watch it now.

Watch: Cowgirl

A mother of eight takes on a new challenge. Watch the full episode now.

Watch: Rodeo Clown

They make it look so easy. How does Boyd handle the job of rodeo clown? Watch the full episode online now.

Watch: Professional Wrestler

Is it as glamorous as it looks? Chris trades in his police uniform for spandex. Does he have any regrets? Watch it now.

Watch: Hip-Hop Dancer

Leslie moves from behind the scenes to center stage. Can she handle the rigors of a hip-hop dancer? Check it out.

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  1. Stay at home mom Alisa Wagner is devoted to her doctor husband, three children, and...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Mother of two, Stephanie is known amongst her group of friends as the "funny one." But,...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Leann Simmons is new to being a stay-at-home single mom. After a recent divorce, Leann...  Read Full Summary »



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About CMT Made

  1. From the producers that brought you the hit MTV series, CMT MADE is now making adults' dreams come true.

    Have you ever felt as though you're standing on the sidelines while the world passes you by? Do you feel held back by work and family commitments, but still imagine doing something daring and out-of-the box? Well, maybe it's time to stand up and get MADE.

    An ordinary office worker transforms into a raucous rodeo clown. A stay-at-home mom revs her motor to become a professional racecar driver. Two cousins train to become high-flying acrobats. Dreams really do come true on CMT MADE. We're here to prove that with dedication, hard work and a little help from CMT, it's never too late to make your passion a reality. CMT MADE will follow willing candidates as they embark on spectacular missions to transform their lives. Whether it's becoming a gun-toting cowgirl, a mixed martial arts fighter or a professional wrestler, CMT MADE offers individuals an opportunity to find out what they're really made of and to break out of their everyday lives.

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  1. A mom becomes a rough and tough roller derby skater.

  2. A mother of eight tries out the cowgirl life.

  3. Boyd pursues a childhood dream.