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Matt Mason is CMT's Next Superstar

Fans have voted, and Matt Mason goes home with a deal from Warner Bros. Records. Learn more about him.

Watch the Final Episode Online

Matt Mason and Steven Clawson made it to the final round. Watch the excitement as the winner is announced.

Season 2 Auditions

Think you have what it takes to be a Superstar? E-mail for audition details.

Wynn Varble Sings About It

Contestant Wynn Varble sums up the Superstar experience in a song. Enjoy it now.

Buy Music at iTunes Store

You can now buy new music from finalists Matt Mason and Steven Clawson in the iTunes store. Take a look.

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  1. Matt Mason's "Good Year For The Outlaw"

  2. Steven Clawson's "You Bring Me Back"

  3. Think you have what it takes to be a Superstar? E-mail for audition details.

  1. Steven Clawson's "Born With It"

  2. Matt Mason's "After Midnight"

  3. What does it take to be a superstar? Read the interview with Executive Producers Nigel and Simon Lythgoe.

  1. Bri Bagwell comes from a musical family. Watch her interview.

  2. This Kentucky native thinks she's the next Superstar. Do you agree?

  3. Steven Clawson moved to Nashville to pursue his dreams. Will they come true?

  1. Courtney Cole started performing at a young age. Will her persistence pay off?

  2. Will this former police officer become the next Superstar?

  3. Danielle Lauderdale was a talented child. Does she still have what it takes to be a Superstar?

  1. Matt Mason has opened for the Charlie Daniels Band. Will he be the headliner some day?

  2. Andrea Pearson is a talented artist in many areas. Does she have what it takes to be a Superstar?

  3. Ben Smith grew up on a farm. Is he ready for his name to be up in lights?

  1. Wynn Varble has been performing country music for over 30 years. Is it his time for the spotlight?

About CMT's Next Superstar

  1. CMT searches to find America's next great country star and opens the door for undiscovered singer/songwriters who think they have what it takes to make it in the rough-and-tumble world of the music industry. The show allows the world to see every triumph and every setback unfold weekly. The contestants will share a house in Nashville -- providing a rare and revealing inside look at the all-ensuing drama that can take place when musical adversaries live and compete together.
    The contestants are also judged on their songwriting, radio interviews and music videos to reveal a complete package of performer, personality and writer.

    Contestants will try to impress celebrity guests each week through a series of music business related challenges and grueling performance rounds. Each week, one finalist will be eliminated, and America will have the final vote to determine who will win the title of CMT's Next Superstar.

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Featured Photos

  1. View photos from the season finale.

  2. Steven Clawson and Matt Mason perform at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium.

  3. The three remaining contestants produce their own music videos.