Meet the Newest Cheerleaders!

After some tough decisions, fear turns to elation as the final team is announced. Watch the season finale.

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Do you have what it takes to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader? Take our quiz and find out.

Getting the DCC Look

To be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, you need to look like a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Who will be sent home? Watch and find out.

What You Didn't See on TV ...

Enjoy these exclusive, must-see deleted scenes from the season finale.

Don't Miss Kelsey's Corner

What's the team head count? Who's missing? Find out if someone is left behind and more.

A Lucid Dream

As Kelli and Judy release a girl from training camp, they have one of the most bizarre office moments ever. See for yourself.


  1. The final day of training camp has everyone nervous because Kelli and Judy might take a...  Read Full Summary »


  2. With three girls left to cut and the first game around the corner, the pressure is...  Read Full Summary »


  3. As the candidates enter the sixth week of training camp, they need to start looking like...  Read Full Summary »



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About Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 9

  1. Kelli Finglass, the DCC director, has a mandate to have a squad of 36, making this a super competitive year. New to the mix of judges this year are two celebrities -- former DCC and Dancing With the Stars winner Melissa Rycroft and platinum-selling country music recording artist Neil McCoy. With 55 high caliber new girls making it to finals, it's intimidating for the 30 veterans as they must fight to keep their place on the team. Unfortunately for a few vets, it's the end of the line. For the super talented 43 who make training camp, the exhilaration is short lived as the reality of the most demanding dance audition in professional sports becomes real. Season nine brings everything you love -- girls reaching for their dreams and the emotional, drama-ridden journey to make them come true. The payoff is becoming part of the best team in the business -- the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

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