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  1. Things are a little different here in Hazzard County! The Hazzard County sheriff's car races through the early morning stillness as a souped-up racing stock car decorated with Confederate blue and gray and aptly emblazoned with the moniker......  Read Full Episode Summary »

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  1. Things are a little different here in Hazzard County! The Hazzard County sheriff's car races through the early morning stillness as a souped-up racing stock car decorated with Confederate blue and gray and aptly emblazoned with the moniker "General Lee" chases behind it in hot pursuit. Bo Duke (John Schneider) is at the wheel of "The General" while his cousin, Luke Duke (Tom Wopat) urges him on from the passenger seat. After crashing through barricades and upsetting a neat row of mailboxes, the two cars come to a halt. Good buddy Cooter (Ben Jones) comes out of the sheriff's car grinning from ear-to-ear. The sheriff impounded his car, so Cooter thought it only fair that he borrow the sheriff's! Bo, peeking into the car, spots a slot machine perched neatly on the back seat. Sheriff Rosco Coltane (James Best), with his car safely back in his possession, discusses his re-election bid with county Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke). There's an "Honest" John Ledbetter running against the sheriff and the trouble is that "Honest" John is so crooked he can't be bribed. If the sheriff and the boss want to continue running the county, they must win the election. So Rosco and the Boss are bringing in slot machines. Ever since a bond election left most of Rosco's pension a fading memory, he became the best lawman money could buy. He received part of the illegal profits from moonshine and contraband and needs to stay in office to continue receiving the money. With a 20 percent cut off the top on gambling, Rosco gets a nice contribution to his campaign fund. Luke and Bo are having breakfast with their Uncle Jesse (Denver Pyle), a retired moonshiner, when Jill Dodson (Tisch Rate), a contemporary of Luke and Bo's, stops by to pick up Jesse's contribution to the orphanage that she runs. Bo reminds Jill of the crush she once had on him. "Isn't it funny how our taste changes when we mature," she says playfully. At The Boar's Nest, he finest saloon in Hazzard, Bo and Luke meet their cousin Daisy (Catherine Bach), who is a waitress there. One of the Moss Brothers (Dennis Haskins) makes a crude but belligerent play for Daisy. Luke goes to intervene, but Daisy is already swinging a mug of beer at Moss. When Luke steps in, he gets the beer on his head while Moss roars with laughter. Daisy quiets him, hitting him with an entire pitcher. A little later, Daisy explains that Moss was bragging to her about unloading a bunch of slot machines off a fertilizer truck. It only takes a second for Bo and Luke to connect the truck, the slots and Sheriff Rosco. The boys and some friends stake out all the roads leading in and out of town. Armed with their CBs and Daisy, clad in a white bikini, white vinyl boots and sunglasses, they set out to capture some slot machines. Cooter hits the CB, "Turkey coming right down my alley." The other cars race into position and deposit Daisy along the side of the road. The truck stops at the sight of the scantily clad damsel, and the Dukes have themselves a truckload of slot machines. Jesse, a reformed moonshiner, disapproves of gambling and does not want his family associated with slot machines -- until Luke suggests giving all the profits to the orphanage. When the slot machines disappear, Rosco goes berserk. The gambling laws have never been so well enforced. He and his troops go to every bar and road house and practically turned over rocks to find those slot machines, but they are having no luck at all since Bo and Luke ignored the bars. Instead, they visited all the civic and fraternal clubs and took 30 percent of the money for the orphanage. So the Ladies Auxiliary, the Hunting Club, the Knights of Columbus and even the Klu Klux Klan took the machines to help them raise money. Needless to say, Boss Hogg was not pleased with Sheriff Rosco's predicament. Bo drives out to Jill's orphanage with two sacks of quarters, the first "profits" from the machines. Jill thinks it's some kind of joke and blasts Bo for playing games with her. Boss Hogg wants her land to build a shopping center, and she wants to do everything in her power to stop him and save the house. Bo finally wins over her trust. Jill winds up with the money, and Bo steals a kiss before he leaves. Rosco stumbles upon one of his missing slot machines when he walks into the Knights of Columbus. From there he tracks down the Dukes, who he now knows are behind the heist. He catches Daisy and arrests her, hoping to exchange Daisy for the slot machines. The Dukes come to visit Daisy but actually have come to help her escape, which she manages easily with the help of an inflatable doll and the crush that Deputy Enos (Sonny Schroyer) has on her. Plans are now underway for a big celebration at the orphanage. Jill tells Bo of the plans, but she also tells him that once the place gets going she's planning to leave town. Bo, who is developing quite an interest in her, is disappointed. Rosco thinks that he has the boys trapped when he learns that they're picking up two broken machines. He stakes them out and makes a chase, with the assistance of Enos on a side road. The Dukes are driving the General Lee, and nothing can catch them. They lead the sheriff all over Hazzard until they near the orphanage. As the General pulls in with the sheriff and Enos in pursuit, a band strikes up and all of the citizens cheer Sheriff Rosco. Boss Hogg, a bit disgruntled at the prospect of never getting to build his shopping center, is pleased that the town is toasting the sheriff for making it possible for the orphanage to raise money.


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