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  1. Bo and Luke Duke (John Schneider and Tom Wopat) are tuning up their racing car, the General Lee, in preparation for the weekend's competition at the Hazzard County dirt track. The General is running just a little too slow to capture the prize......  Read Full Episode Summary »

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  1. Bo and Luke Duke (John Schneider and Tom Wopat) are tuning up their racing car, the General Lee, in preparation for the weekend's competition at the Hazzard County dirt track. The General is running just a little too slow to capture the prize money, so the Duke boys are looking to put in some new parts in order to speed her up. Their problem is apparently solved when they hear that the local used car dealer, Ace Parker (Jerry Rushing), has a wrecked Richard Petty racing machine that was destroyed while filming commercials. The boys would love to have it just for the parts. Ace is willing to sell it to them, but he's asking $700 cash -- today. The price goes up to $1,000 tomorrow. Needless to say, Bo and Luke do not have $700, but Ace, never one to let a good deal pass by, sees the Dukes' predicament as a possible solution to one of his own problems: Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke) promised his wife Lulu (Peggy Rea) a Rolls-Royce that Ace had on his lot. "But," says Ace, "that car was already sold when you came in to look at it." "That doesn't matter," says Boss, "when I promise my wife something for her birthday, she gets it." As Ace sees it, the Dukes will repossess the car from the people who bought it (and with the help of the second key that Ace always keeps), he'll be able to sell it to Boss and the Dukes can have the Petty wreck for $200. Bo doesn't like the idea of becoming a repo man, even for a day, but Luke makes it clear that it's either that or losing the race. They find the Rolls ... not a difficult problem in a place like Hazzard ... and prepare to take it back to town. But the owner's Dobermans, protecting the disarmingly innocent farmhouse, alert Sugarlo (Larry Bishop), Lois (Judith Baldwin), Manny (Rod Amateau) and Big John (Claude Humphrey), who are in the midst of readying a massive counterfeiting scheme. The gangsters pull their guns on Bo and Luke, but the boys defend themselves admirably and manage to escape. Back at home, Bo and Luke are mad that someone has shot at them, and they make Ace well aware of that fact. Before Ace loses all of his inventory to Bo and Luke, he agrees to let them have the Petty race car for $200. Boss is now getting anxious about the Rolls. Ace tells him that he's having trouble getting it. Boss, who is the government in Hazzard County, decides that since the Dukes didn't get the Rolls back, he'll have to find an excuse to revoke their prison probation. He's got all the records and certificates of ownership for every car in Hazzard County, wrecked and running. Since the Dukes don't have the papers on the Petty car, which they are now towing behind the General Lee, they are technically pulling a vehicle presumed by "The Law" to be stolen. Sheriff Rosco Coltrane (James Best) and Deputy Enos Strate (Sonny Shroyer) reluctantly carry out Boss' orders to arrest them for stealing Ace's car. Now Jesse (Denver Pyle) gives the boys the only kind of legal advice that will work in Hazzard County -- where everyone owes their job to Boss: They must do as Boss says -- or spend the next two years in jail. So Bo and Luke agree to go after the car. Bo borrows Cooter's (Ben Jones) pickup truck and welding kit and attaches a wild-blade arrangement to the vehicle. With preparations made, the Dukes return to the farm. As a decoy for the doberman, they've cleverly brought along a female dog who is attracting the attention of the male dogs in the area and certainly should satisfy the doberman. Despite the traps and alarms that have been laid by the counterfeiters, the Dukes manage to get to the Rolls and leave the farm. The gangsters trail in hot pursuit, but Bo, deftly driving Cooter's customized pickup truck, keeps them away by using the blade contraption to cut off the doors and sides of their cars. Bo eventually runs them off the road, while Luke drives the Rolls into town. But the Dukes do not forget dishonesty, and they do not like to be strong-armed by people like Ace and Boss. When Ace opens his lot the next day with the counterfeiters, Sheriff Coltrane, Boss and Luke present, he finds his entire inventory of broken-down cars -- and a Rolls neatly on top. Inside the Rolls, Sheriff Coltrane notices the mangled remains of a counterfeit $20 bill printing plate. Roscoe gives them 20 minutes to get out of town before he calls the FBI. "Sometimes," says Jesse, "you just have to fight fire with fire."


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