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  1. Enos (Sonny Shroyer) and Sheriff Rosco Coltrane (James Best) are in hot pursuit of Bo and Luke Duke (John Schneider and Tom Wopat) as they speed down the country highway in a 1969 Chevrolet. It's not unusual for the Duke boys to be chased by the......  Read Full Episode Summary »

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  1. Enos (Sonny Shroyer) and Sheriff Rosco Coltrane (James Best) are in hot pursuit of Bo and Luke Duke (John Schneider and Tom Wopat) as they speed down the country highway in a 1969 Chevrolet. It's not unusual for the Duke boys to be chased by the sheriff, but this time they don't know what they did wrong. As Rosco moves in closer, his fun is cut short by a harried call from an angry Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke). Rosco replies over his C.B. in radio jargon. But the boss tells him to "Cut the talk from Hawaii Five-O and high-tail your rear end to the Boar's Nest." Enos maintains the chase while the sheriff visits Boss. At last Bo and Luke realize that they've borrowed the wrong car from Cooter Davenport (Ben Jones), and when they uncover the back seat they see, underneath a quilt, several jugs of corn liquor moonshine. No wonder they're being chased! There's only one thing that can ruin the probation that keeps the Duke boys out of jail, and that's running whiskey. And it makes no difference to the law that they didn't know they were running whiskey until too late. So Luke does the only sensible thing and hurls the jugs out of the car. Enos comes up closer on them, but they quickly take to a tiny back road in the protection of a curve. Enos is fooled by the move and continues on the main road. The Dukes cruise like a bucking bronco down the obscure dirt road. Just when they think they're in the clear, they spot a most adorable 5-foot-5, honey blonde, hazel-green-eyed, cute-dimpled Mary Kaye Kirkpatrick (Jeannie Wilson). What they don't see from a distance is that she is quite pregnant. Their smiles fade as the promise of romance dies but are replaced by a surge of gallantry for a lady in distress. Luke helps her into the car along with her tattered suitcase. Enos' siren wails in the distance, and Bo hits the accelerator. Meanwhile, Sheriff Rosco learns that Boss Hogg was having Cooter Davenport run some moonshine for him. "Cooter loves my money," says Boss, "and now it seems he loves my whiskey." Boss wants somebody arrested -- for possession of moonshine. "Them Dukes are as good as behind bars now," says Rosco. The Dukes and Mary Kaye are off the road behind some trees, working on the overheated engine of Cooter's car, when Enos' car glides by beyond the woods, not 20 yards in the distant. Mary Kaye explains that she and her husband weren't right for each other, that his family never cared for her and that she's glad now to have it all behind her with nothing -- except the baby -- to remember it by. They all get back into the car and drive on. At a back country gas station, Bo and Luke fill the car with gas while Mary Kaye visits the ladies room. They want to help her out with some money, but they know she will never accept a handout. So they decide to put some money in her suitcase. Luke opens Mary Kaye's suitcase. Both stare amazed at several very neatly stacked piles of paper currency among the meager articles of clothing. They look up from the money long enough to see Mary Kaye approaching. She shuts the suitcase firmly and eventually tells the boys that she's got only $118,254.37. Boss Hogg is now being visited by an Atlanta criminal named McQuade (Cliff Pellow) who quotes the same sum of money. It seems Mary Kaye's "husband" worked for this gentleman, and Mary Kaye skipped town with the suitcase full of dollars ... and 37 cents. Mary Kaye explained to Bo and Luke that the money is actually child support -- calculated to the penny -- to cover the as-yet-unborn child through college. Not one penny, she says, is for herself. When she tells them that she never was actually married and the guy she was living with was working for Quirt McQuade, well-known as the meanest gangster around, the Duke boys are noticeably shocked. Just as she's continuing to explain her situation, a stabbing abdominal pain wracks her small body. "If that ain't indigestion," says Luke, "we're in trouble." Jesse (Denver Pyle) and Daisy (Catherine Bach) are talking as if they're reprimanding the boys for hauling moonshine when the sheriff walks toward the house. He goes to break down the front door to capture Bo and Luke, but Jesse opens it just in time for him to run right through and into the opposite wall. He is even more surprised to find that the boys are nowhere to be found. Jesse tells Rosco that Cooter has already called to warn him about Boss Hogg's moonshine. Jesse smiles at the sheriff as he smirks, "Do you really think my boys are dumb enough not to dump that whiskey?" "The question is," Rosco retorts, "did they have time to check the trunk?" Bo and Luke have more problems of their own as they try to travel the 40-odd miles to the hospital. But the car has gone dead. The sheriff is waiting patiently with Jesse and Daisy, already feeling the thrill of the capture when the phone rings. It's Cooter. Jesse has an idea. In the midst of the conversation, he pays no attention to what Cooter is saying. Instead he replies to Cooter how glad he is to hear that he's gotten the whiskey back. Before he can hang up the phone, Rosco is out the door and speeding to Cooter's. Boss Hogg is almost as anxious to find Mary Kaye as McQuade is. It seems he hates to see good money leave Hazzard County. He's out on the county roads tonight looking for Mary Kaye and the Dukes along with everybody else. Out on a back mountain road, a sports car carrying McQuade and Leo (Colby Chester), his partner, blocks the path of the Duke boys and the Chevy. It's a close call, but Luke pulls a mighty escape and spins down the road in a blaze of dust. McQuade and Leo don't give up easily, and they give chase. Now Boss Hogg and his driver meet McQuade and Leo on the back road. Boss Hogg hates to get caught! The boys now roar up Jesse's drive, and Jesse and Daisy come out to help. Jesse tells them about the moonshine in the trunk, but Mary Kaye is too close to delivering a baby for the boys to take care of the whiskey. Jesse makes it plain that he's going to have to deliver the baby since they'll never make the 40 miles to the hospital. Jesse and Daisy go to work helping Mary Kaye, while Bo and Luke wait outside. Leo and McQuade pull up and start to harass Bo and Luke. They want to start a fight, and they want their money back. But the Dukes remind them that Mary Kaye is about to have a baby. That doesn't seem to deter them, and they slug Luke in the stomach. Just then, the first wails of newborn baby filter through from the house. Jesse's announcement that it's a boy is punctuated with gunshots from the outside. By now Rosco and Enos have descended upon the house, and Boss Hogg and his driver have joined in the spectacle. Gunshots, bows, arrows and fisticuffs surround the house. Jesse now brings out a dynamite-tipped arrow and ends all of this by firing the explosive projectile at the gas tank of the Chevy, destroying the car, the evidence and the money. Rosco has captured McQuade and Leo and feels a certain pride in arresting two big city criminals. The story is over, or so they think. ... When the sheriff and the Boss are safely away from the house, Daisy turns to Mary Kaye, Bo, Luke and Jesse and smilingly opens up Mary Kaye's money-filled suitcase. "I guess I forgot to tell anybody that I brought it in."


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