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  1. Bo Duke (John Schneider) and Luke Duke (Tom Wopat), excited over the prospect of winning $20,000 from the Federal Energy Commission by finding a fossil fuel substitute, ride home to their Uncle Jesse (Denver Pyle) who they hope will have an idea......  Read Full Episode Summary »

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  1. Bo Duke (John Schneider) and Luke Duke (Tom Wopat), excited over the prospect of winning $20,000 from the Federal Energy Commission by finding a fossil fuel substitute, ride home to their Uncle Jesse (Denver Pyle) who they hope will have an idea or two. Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke) also thinks that Jesse may have an idea ... especially since Boss can remember the day when Jesse poured some of his legendary "moonshine" whiskey into a car's gas tank and it ran "like a store-bought clock." Boss wants Jesse to sell him one of the old jugs of moonshine, but Jesse tells him that would be like "sellin' home ground." So Boss asks to buy the still. "No deal," says Jesse. Uncle Jesse tells the boys he hasn't used the old still since he signed his moonshining treaty with the government. But the boys manage to persuade him to give it one more try. In the name of patriotism, he'd be advancing the cause of finding a fossil-fuel substitute and cleaning up the air pollution problem! Bo, Luke and Jesse repair the still and gather the necessary supplies for a batch of corn liquor. Meanwhile, Boss Hogg confers with his Sheriff, Rosco Coltrane (James Best) and makes it quite plain that he wants Jesse and the boys arrested for moonshining. The problem is Boss Hogg wants one gallon of the evidence to enter in the contest. After all as Sheriff Coltrane notes, "Jesse makes the only whiskey in the world that you can measure in octanes." As if to punctuate his comment, a huge explosion rocks the office as Jesse's still explodes! In the woods nearby, a pretty lady named Roxanne (Carlene Watkins) pretends to fish along the very same creek that feeds Jesse's still. She trips over the Duke's homemade trip wire and makes enough noise to let half the county know that she's arrived. After untangling herself from the wire, she stumbles upon the still -- and Bo, Luke and Jesse. Suddenly, the still explodes again, knocking Roxanne unconscious as she hits a rock. Bo and Luke turn her over and much to their surprise, uncover a .38 caliber police special [pistol]. Looking further, they find her Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms badge. The Dukes have an unconscious federal revenue agent in their back yard. After Bo and Luke flip a coin to see who will give her "mouth to mouth" resuscitation, Bo brings her back to consciousness. Her first words are, "You're under arrest." The Dukes remind her that she needs evidence, and the evidence blew up -- no evidence, no arrest. The Dukes now go into a friendly battle with their latest ATF [Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms] agent, keeping alive their tradition of dealing with the law in a perpetual love/hate relationship. Roxanne is practically a guest of the Dukes while they're brewing their mixture, and then they'll let her chase them when they try to move the moonshine. The Dukes are sly, and Jesse is a veteran of years of running [transporting illegal whiskey], even to the point of bringing out his vintage 1940 Ford "moonshiner" to haul the liquor to the Energy Commission contest headquarters. Boss and Sheriff Coltrane, as well as Deputy Enos (Sonny Shroyer) have done everything they can to catch the Dukes. But they are too slow for them, and all that Boss has at the Energy Fair is a jug filled with water instead of the jug of Jesse's finest [moonshine] which he thought he had brought. Bureaucratic warfare breaks out when Jesse's moonshine wins. Mr. Monroe (Ralph Pace), one of the officials, forbids Roxanne from arresting his winner and confiscating the winning mixture. Jesse wants no part of the fight and ultimately leaves to let the various parties fight it out themselves. Roxanne, presuming that Jesse is fueling his truck with the illegal batch, chases him home. Jesse finally runs out of "gas," and Roxanne feels certain that she has caught her criminal ... except that his being out of "gas" means no evidence. Once again, Roxanne has no evidence and no arrest!


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