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  1. On a rowdy Saturday night in Hazzard's Boar's Nest Inn, Sheriff Rosco Coltrane (James Best) announces the names of the four top dirt track racers in the state who will compete in this year's annual Hazzard Obstacle Derby. Deputy Enos Strate (Sonny......  Read Full Episode Summary »

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  1. On a rowdy Saturday night in Hazzard's Boar's Nest Inn, Sheriff Rosco Coltrane (James Best) announces the names of the four top dirt track racers in the state who will compete in this year's annual Hazzard Obstacle Derby. Deputy Enos Strate (Sonny Shroyer), Cooter Davenport (Ben Jones), one of the Duke Boys -- Bo (John Schneider) and Luke (Tom Wopat) arm-wrestle each other to see who'll race while Rosco makes the announcements -- and Creavy will race. The crowd at the Boar's Rest murmurs in bewilderment with the announcement of Creavy, who no one seems to know. Just as Bo shouts, "Who's Creavy?," a stunning, dark-haired woman steps forward, introducing herself as Creavy, Amy Creavy (Roz Kelly) of the Placid County Powderpuff Division. The crowd is flabbergasted at the idea of having a woman racing in the wild obstacle derby where the only rule is to finish the race. Bo is grumbling, but Luke takes the initiative and politely introduces himself. Just as Luke is about to win her over, a sinister-looking biker named Turk (David Hatward) butts into the conversation and tries to take Amy away. Luke intercedes and winds up with a fist in his face and gets into a full-fledged fight, which he ultimately wins. After the fight, Amy explains that Turk was her mechanic and that she fired him for putting nitrous oxide in her engine, a move that raises the horsepower but also gets you disqualified. Turk is also responsible for crippling four drivers and is now barred from racing. Enos reassures Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke) that he'll win the race, but Boss is worried. They later learn that Boss wants the trophy back because his wife Lulu demanded that he keep his late mother's ashes in the garage, but Boss wanted his mother in the house, so he put the ashes in the race trophy, sealed it and put "her," back on the mantel piece. Daisy (Catherine Bach), Amy and her lady mechanic, Frankie (Marya Small), share a toast to the race. When Bo and Luke come home that night they are surprised to get in their beds and find Amy and Frankie already in them. Uncle Jesse (Denvery Pyle), hearing the commotion upstairs, chases the boys out of the girls' quarters. Luke is exasperated that Bo woke them up! At this time, Luke and Amy can sense a ripple of excitement between them. The next day, Boss and Rosco discuss guaranteeing their win by placing a "crasher" in the race. They tag Cooter, who, with a fistful of tickets, could lose his car at a police auction. Cooter has no choice but to say yes. Frankie and Bo begin a friendly rivalry at the same time that their partners fall in love. They head into town for a case of oil and tools. In town, Bo catches Turk working under the hood of Amy's car and is caught in a brawl when he tries to interrupt Turk and his boys. Frankie catches Bo looking under the hood after Turk and his thugs have left, and he suspects Bo of tampering. Bo, his pride hurt, bets their prize racer, the General Lee, that Amy will win the race. After they bring Amy's car up to the house, Amy and Luke go for a drive, ostensibly to give Amy a chance to show off her skills. Bo spotted the throttle jam that Turk installed, but that was all that he found before Luke and Amy left. As they enter the curves, they come to the shocking realization that the brakes are gone. Amy manages to bring the car to a hair-raising halt, but not without a flirt with doom. As race day approaches, it becomes more and more evident that Luke and Amy are falling in love. Luke, the famous Hazzard one-night-stand, has trouble dealing with his newfound feelings. When he tries to tell Amy that he loves her, he goes astray in words of male chauvinism, which angers Amy. She storms off with Ernie Ledbetter, one of Hazzard's less desirable eligible bachelors. What Luke doesn't know is that she spent the night alone after hastily leaving Ernie once outside the Boar's Nest. Luke now sits down with Uncle Jesse, who advises him to perhaps ask her to marry him. Luke tries again, the next day, to plead his case, but he realizes that he can't change his ways -- he will never be able to stay with just one girl. Amy's fury will now go with her onto the race course. The stage is set and the race begins. The cars go off, and the race runs smoothly until Cooter's car knocks Enos' rig out of the race. With Cooter supposedly clearing the way for Enos to win, knocking him out of the race doesn't really seem right ... especially to Boss Hogg. When Cooter himself comes stumbling up to Boss and explains that somebody stole his car and is now racing, Boss and Rosco know something is afoul. Luke, thinking that Cooter is running next to him, waves, but the driver lifts his full-face visor revealing that he is Turk. As the three cars -- Amy is in the lead -- barrel ahead, Luke realizes that Turk is going to try to knock Amy out of the race as well. At the last second, Luke cuts in front of Turk, knocks his car into the air and sets up the win for Amy. Bo, nervous that the race might end this way, is silent with the prospect of losing the General. But Amy, learning of the turn of events, gives the keys back to Luke ... along with the trophy ... and a kiss.


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