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  1. An old Ford rattletrap coughs and shivers up the dirt road and teeters toward the Duke house. Swamp Molly (Neva Patterson), now about 60 years old and looking a little ragged and peppery, musters a bearhug and a hello for the one man to whom she......  Read Full Episode Summary »

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  1. An old Ford rattletrap coughs and shivers up the dirt road and teeters toward the Duke house. Swamp Molly (Neva Patterson), now about 60 years old and looking a little ragged and peppery, musters a bearhug and a hello for the one man to whom she has been attracted for years, Jesse Duke (Denver Pyle). Molly and Jesse have been friends since their riotous moonshining days when she was an ace runner [driver]. Jesse once spent two weeks hiding in the swamp with her, and had he not been arrested, Jesse might have given marriage another try. Now Molly is back, and she's visiting the Dukes with her daughter Alice (Mary Jo Catlett), a fat girl with an insatiable crush on Bo (John Schneider). The feeling is not mutual. Molly is with the Dukes for more than a casual visit, as she explains. Her colleagues are either retired or "gone to the majority" [dead] and she has a black-market run to make. Jesse thinks it's moonshine and thinks that one safe run won't do anyone any harm, especially since it's for Molly. While Molly and Jesse plan the run with Bo, Luke (Tom Wopat) and Daisy (Catherine Bach), Sheriff Rosco Coltrane (James Best) tests his new "military style" police equipment with his deputy, Enos Strait (Sonny Shroyer). Bo and Luke bring Molly's old truck to Cooter Davenport (Ben Jones), who is thrilled with the opportunity to prove his artistry by painting the old heap. Cooter does a terrific job when he paints it to look exactly like an ice cream truck, complete with a bell. The boys figure that Sheriff Coltrane will be on the lookout for them at night, so they should fool him by making the run during the day. The boys tell Jesse about the modified plan, and he agrees. What Bo and Luke don't know is that Rosco and his new equipment know more about their plan than they think. Rosco orders a roadblock set on the main road to the swamp. Luke, driving the ice cream truck; Bo, driving their racing car, General Lee; and Daisy in the pickup truck proceed with caution down the road. Luke, in front, spots the barricade, and Bo speeds up to join him -- but not fast enough. Luke practically has to sell an ice cream to Deputy Enos before Bo finally arrives. Meanwhile Daisy is stopped by a flat tire, leaving Bo and Luke on their own. Luke and Bo run the blockade, blowing it up with a dynamite-tipped arrow, and head down a dirt road. Luke's jaw drops as he sees Sheriff Rosco in his military fatigues standing right in front of the truck, proudly pointing at the tire prongs set across the road. Luke has no room to run, and Bo is right behind him as Sheriff Rosco at last catches the boys. When Rosco opens up the ice cream truck he gets an even bigger surprise ... Molly has changed from running whiskey to running guns, and Luke is now being charged with hauling enough firearms and ammunition to outfit a small army. Cleverly, Molly has arranged for Jesse to be away during this entire operation by sending him with Cousin Alice for crawfish for her sensational crawdad bisque. But Jesse grows impatient in the swamp and wants to head back to the house. Daisy, her flat tire now fixed, finally catches up to the boys. With a handful of firecrackers, Daisy sends the policemen diving for cover as they all think that they are being attacked by gunfire. Bo and Luke seize the opportunity to break away in the ice cream truck and the General and speed back to the house. The boys are furious at Molly, after all they were caught with enough firearms to get them life sentences in prison. Jesse now makes his way back home and finds an immediate solution -- destroy the evidence. They form a caravan and drive to a vacant field where they intend to blow up the truck. But their dynamite turns out to be a dud. The sheriff's siren is now approaching, and it seems that time is running desperately short. Jesse gets another idea ... they drop the truck into the Black Bog ... quicksand that goes down halfway to China. It's a close race to the bog, with Rosco in hot pursuit, but the Dukes make it, and the sheriff arrives just in time to see the top of the truck drop into the mire. Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke) isn't happy either, since he wanted to collect the evidence for himself -- the black market in firearms is lucrative. Once again the Dukes emerge victorious as the evidence and the arrests disappear.


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