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  1. Bo and Luke Duke (John Schneider and Tom Wopat) take their hundred dollar winnings from the Hazzard Poker and Chug-a-lug Marathon and two voluptuous young ladies, Maybelle (Suzanne Niles) and Cindy Lou (Tara Preston), out to the countryside.......  Read Full Episode Summary »

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  1. Bo and Luke Duke (John Schneider and Tom Wopat) take their hundred dollar winnings from the Hazzard Poker and Chug-a-lug Marathon and two voluptuous young ladies, Maybelle (Suzanne Niles) and Cindy Lou (Tara Preston), out to the countryside. Before the boys know what's happened, they are completely naked, and the girls have driven off with their winnings. The boys start the General Lee without the ignition keys and head down the road. Sheriff Rosco Coltrane (James Best) catches the boys just as the boys spot the dust of the girl's sleek convertible. Rosco stops them and insists that they get out of the General, but in their present state of undress, they don't want to oblige. As Rosco peers in through the window, he adds indecent exposure to the list of charges. Rosco brings the boys to the courthouse where he receives a phone call from Sheriff Lacey (Norman Alden) in Springville. Lacey explains that Rocky Marlowe, public enemy No. 1, was due to be tried in Springville, but attorneys won a change of venue, and Marlowe is to be tried in Hazzard County. Rosco, realizing the danger of transporting a major gang leader like Marlowe, decides to deputize Bo and Luke. The Duke boys will take all the risks while Sheriff Coltrane calmly waits in Hazzard. The Dukes' battle with the law is very old. In Hazzard, playing with the sheriff is a game almost as popular as baseball, and the Dukes are well-known champions of the sport. Bo and Luke fear Uncle Jesse's reaction to them in a police uniform more than they fear the danger involved in bringing Marlowe to Hazzard. Bo and Luke arrive in Springville where Lacey turns Marlowe over to them. He tells the boys, who have identified themselves as probationary officers, that one of his men, Officer Price (Stella Parton), will accompany them to Hazzard. The boys wait patiently until a rather attractive lady officer emerges from the police station and heads toward the police car. The boys are duly impressed with their lovely escort. They all get into the Hazzard car and head toward the county line. As they drive down the highway, Luke notices a sedan following them. They take evasive action, dodging lamp posts and garbage cans as they try to lose the men following them. Bo and Luke stop at a used car lot and "borrow" another car in the hopes of losing their pursuers. The idea works -- at least temporarily -- as they head closer to Hazzard. Meanwhile, back in Springville, another patrolman hears a muffled cry from the police garage. There he discovers Officer Price! The balladeer (Waylon Jennings) now asks, "Who is the 'officer' in the car?" Sheriff Lacey tries to relay word to Hazzard that there is an imposter with the boys, but as usual, getting through to Hazzard is always a problem. The boys are now riding in an ambulance with Lacey strapped and cuffed to a stretcher. They've lost the crooks who were following them, but they are running low on gas. They pull off onto a side road that leads to an old one-horse town. But there, they are told they cannot get any gas. Jesse hears that Rosco has sent the boys after Marlowe, and he is irate. Information that an imposter is riding with them has reached Hazzard, and Jesse, Cooter (Ben Jones) and Daisy (Catherine Bach) travel to the old town to get the boys out of trouble. With the boys trying to get gas, "Mary Beth Price" seizes the opportunity to confront Marlowe. She is not trying to rescue him, as others might have suspected. Instead, she claims that he is responsible for ruining her father by framing him. Suddenly, this quiet, rural town is ablaze with action, with Marlowe's thugs (Bob Hoy and Pat Renella) and Jesse, Rosco, Enos, Cooter and Daisy all arriving at the same time. Help arrives for Bo and Luke just in time. In typical Hazzard style, the boys manage to keep Marlowe in custody and apprehend the two criminals. Of course, Rosco takes the credit! All is well in Hazzard as Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke) makes plans for the media people and tourists who will come to Hazzard to watch the trial. But his dreams end when Marlowe wins another change of venue, and the case moves out of Hazzard.


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