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  1. Bo (John Schneider) and Luke (Tom Wopat) Duke prepare their racing car, the General Lee, for the Dirt Road Classic. The General is running a little sluggish, but Cooter (Ben Jones) could have her in fighting form in a day -- for $180. That's a lot......  Read Full Episode Summary »

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  1. Bo (John Schneider) and Luke (Tom Wopat) Duke prepare their racing car, the General Lee, for the Dirt Road Classic. The General is running a little sluggish, but Cooter (Ben Jones) could have her in fighting form in a day -- for $180. That's a lot of money for the two fellows. Cooter has heard that someone at the Shiloh Motel is looking for two hotshot drivers for an eighteen-wheel truck. When the Dukes hear the job only lasts for two days, they're on their way. Meanwhile, Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke) meets with Sheriff Rosco Coltrane (James Best). Boss knows that any eighteen-wheeler that suddenly pulls into Hazzard must have some peculiar business, especially when it's registered to Helen Hogan (Joanne Pflug). The last time Helen was in the county, Boss recalls, she was peddling stock in a non-existent dog track. Boss wants Rosco and Deputy Enos (Sonny Shroyer) to find out what she is doing. And if there is any illegal money involved, you can be sure that Boss and Rosco will make an equitable split. Bo and Luke meet Helen, show off their driving prowess and immediately get the job at $100 a day. She tells them that the truck demonstrates a newly developed shock absorber and the ride needs to be particularly smooth. The boys suspect that there is something more to this scheme than demonstrating shock absorbers, but the lure of the money makes it all seem worth taking the risk. As they drive along the highway, Luke climbs on top of the truck and looks through one of the vents. Inside the truck is one of the most elaborate mobile gaming rooms this side of Las Vegas. Luke is surprised to see an old family friend, Dewey Stovall (Paul Brinegar) gambling at one of the tables, and as far as Luke can see, he's losing. He also sees that the games are, not surprisingly, rigged. Bo and Luke act calm at the end of the trip. As far as Helen and her people are concerned, they were test-driving shocks. But after the day's haul, Bo and Luke know that they have to help Dewey get his money back. The boys also see Sheriff Rosco, perched atop a hill, observing the operation. The last thing they need is another arrest. At the Boar's Nest, Luke and Bo buy Dewey a drink and tell him that he just lost his money in a crooked operation. Luke conjures up a plan to retrieve Dewey's money, and the boys leave Stovall at the bar. Daisy (Catherine Bach), who works there, will see that Dewey gets to their house safely. Luke's plan is to outsmart the guard at the rig, sneak into the truck and steal Dewey's money from the safe. The plan seems reasonable, but Sheriff Coltrane learned what's inside the truck by paying a nighttime visit himself. In the darkness, Luke and Sheriff Coltrane find themselves together in the truck, but Coltrane thinks that the voice in the dark is his deputy, Enos. The two almost got caught inside by Helen and her men, but they burst out the back door, knocking out the guards and run off in separate directions, never actually seeing each other. With the money still in Helen's possession, the boys are forced to think of another plan. They talk Jesse (Denver Pyle) into gambling just once for his close friend Dewey. Jesse hasn't gambled in years but finally agrees that it may be the only way to retrieve the money. Luke and Bo now cross some wires in the truck to fix the roulette table and arrange a code system with Jesse. The next day, Jesse, dressed in his one suit, and Daisy, looking prettier than a Georgia peach, step into Helen's mobile casino. Jesse starts at the roulette table and, with the help of Bo in the front seat, proceeds to win a lot of money. Helen, worried that the table is not running in her favor, suggests that Jesse play another game. They move on to poker, and Jesse, knowing that this game is also rigged outfoxes Helen and takes home a bundle of money. But all this is too simple because the entire time Jesse is winning back Dewey's money, Boss Hogg and Sheriff Coltrane are just behind the truck. Fortunately, the Dukes and Cooter knew that Rosco was looking for the rig, so they painted another eighteen-wheeler to look just like Hogan's. Then, at a crucial turn, the boys switch trucks, and Rosco stops an empty truck. Rosco finally catches up with the right truck, but by now Jesse has accumulated a tidy bundle of money. Boss Hogg and Sheriff Coltrane want to confiscate the money as evidence, but Jesse manages to toss it to Luke who is in the General Lee. He and Dewey drive away. They cross the Hazzard County line, and Luke proudly announces that Dewey is safe. Even if Rosco followed them, he can't do anything to them across the county line.


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