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  1. Bo and Luke Duke (John Schneider and Tom Wopat) prepare the General Lee, their racing stock car, for the Choctaw Cross-Country Rally by running her full throttle along the Hazzard Main Road. Their biggest threat in the race is expected to be......  Read Full Episode Summary »

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  1. Bo and Luke Duke (John Schneider and Tom Wopat) prepare the General Lee, their racing stock car, for the Choctaw Cross-Country Rally by running her full throttle along the Hazzard Main Road. Their biggest threat in the race is expected to be Hazzard sheriff's deputy, Enos Strate (Sonny Shroyer), who is just behind them as the boys test their car. If they can beat Enos, then they should be able to win the big race. In an office in the Bank of Hazzard, Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke) and Sheriff Rosco Coltrane (James Best) count an even million dollars. Each year, it is Boss Hogg's duty as president of the Bank of Hazzard, to turn in all of the old dollar bills to the Federal Reserve in Atlanta. They, in turn, give Boss an even million dollars in brand new bills and destroy, by fire, the old ones. As Boss and Rosco count out the old bills, Boss realizes that it is a dreadful shame to see a million dollars burn. So he and Rosco decide that Boss' cousin Cletus (Rick Hurst) will drive the armored car to Atlanta. However, on the road to Atlanta, Cletus will set fire to the contents of the armored car. Instead of the dollar bills burning, Cletus will switch the money sacks for sacks of newspapers which he will burn in place of the real money. Boss' plan is working well as Cletus pulls off the road and sets fire to the armored car. As the smoke rises from the vehicle, Bo and Luke Duke spot the plume of smoke and rush to help. They put out the fire before much damage is done -- which destroys Boss' plan. Boss decides the Dukes will pay for being so neighborly. He and Rosco will frame them and claim that they stole the money. While the Dukes are plowing the south 40, the money is hidden throughout the house. As the Dukes sit down for dinner, Uncle Jesse (Denver Pyle) tells Bo and Luke that Daisy (Catherine Bach) is serving beans and sow belly again because they have no money. As a matter of fact, Jesse is torn between spending the last bit of money for seed or for next week's food. Bo and Luke are so confident of winning the race they tell Jesse to go ahead and buy the seed. Just then, Daisy yells from her bedroom. As she was turning her mattress, hundreds of dollars fluttered to the floor. In the kitchen, they find the cookie jar filled with money. Now Sheriff Coltrane and Deputy Enos enter the front door. They carry on an idle conversation until they are just about to leave. Then Rosco asks Jesse if they still keep the ice water in the refrigerator. Jesse nods yes, and Rosco heads for the refrigerator. When he opens the door, bills, by the hundreds come fluttering down. Rosco and Enos try to arrest Luke and Bo, but they manage to escape. Boss hopes to charge the Dukes with robbery and find some way of recovering the money for himself. He stumbles on the idea of burying the money in a false-bottomed casket and exhuming the casket at some later date. Boss ventures out to his casket works, where he cleverly builds false-bottomed caskets to run moonshine to the cities. Instead of putting moonshine into one, he'll put the money and then hold a big funeral to bury it. The Dukes are out at the casket works when Boss lays his plan. They nearly get caught but escape by hiding in caskets. Daisy goes to the formal wear store in Hazzard and rents tuxedos for the boys. When Bo and Luke return to the casket factory and mortuary, they look exactly like undertakers. They knock out the guard and take what they think is the right casket. Meanwhile, Jesse has made arrangements with the insurance company so the boys will have no charges brought against them if the money is returned. A meeting place is set, and the Dukes head for it with the casket of money. Just before they reach the site, they discover they took the wrong casket. Instead of hauling money, Bo and Luke have moonshine whiskey. Now they must bring the company men to the cemetery and the right casket. After several close calls and some assistance from Crazy Cooter (Ben Jones), they get the men to the cemetery. There, another mistake is discovered as they learn the wrong casket was brought to the cemetery. The one there should be at the crematorium -- and the one in the crematorium is the one with all the money in it. As Boss and Rosco and the Dukes look up, they see smoke rising from the crematorium furnace. But it may not be too late. They stop the conveyor belt and the casket just a few feet from the chamber. Boss is standing proud and proper, thinking the Duke boys are about to get arrested. But he is now informed they have been granted immunity. Boss is visibly disappointed, but rises to the occasion by declaring he is happy the money will be returned to the government as originally planned. Just then Rosco sits down on the conveyor belt button and quietly sends the money into the furnace. Without the old bills to turn in, the Federal Reserve will not give him the new bills. And, since they were in his possession when they were burned, he cannot claim that they were stolen. So the insurance company does not have to pay. Boss Hogg is stuck, as they say, for a cool million dollars.


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