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  1. It is dusk as the General Lee roars down the Hazzard Highway with the Duke boys, Bo (John Schneider) and Luke (Tom Wopat), at the wheel. A nondescript car pulls alongside the sporty racing car and challenges the Dukes. Suddenly, it slams into the......  Read Full Episode Summary »

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  1. It is dusk as the General Lee roars down the Hazzard Highway with the Duke boys, Bo (John Schneider) and Luke (Tom Wopat), at the wheel. A nondescript car pulls alongside the sporty racing car and challenges the Dukes. Suddenly, it slams into the General Lee's side. The Dukes try to teach the driver some manners, but Tom Colt (Burton Gilliam) maneuvers his car so that the General Lee is knocked into the roadside ditch. The Dukes retire to the Boar's Nest where Daisy (Catherine Bach) is tending to a large Thursday night crowd. As she tells Bo and Luke she is going to Saturday's costume ball as a bareback rider, Colt asks if he can be her horse. Daisy responds that he may just as soon as they find the front end! Bo and Luke have already recognized Colt as the driver of the renegade car. Bo hurls a punch at him, and a country brawl erupts. Sheriff Rosco Coltrane (James Best) and his deputy, Enos Strate (Sonny Shroyer) break up the scuffle and immediately arrest Bo, Luke and Colt. The next morning, Uncle Jesse (Denver Pyle) finds the boys in jail. He marches downtown with what was supposed to be the mortgage money to bail out Bo and Luke. Dr. Petticord discovers Colt has all the symptoms of the plague. Accordingly, he orders everyone in the jail be quarantined. This means that Sheriff Coltrane, Deputy Enos, Uncle Jesse, Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke), Bo and Luke must all stay inside the Hazzard County building until further notice. Dr. Petticord reminds them that violating quarantine laws is a felony. Luke must now reach Daisy to tell her to withdraw more money from the bank and pay the mortgage payment before the farm is foreclosed. He telephones her, and she follows his instructions to go to the bank. Meanwhile, Jesse takes a good look at Colt and now suspects the fellow may be faking the symptoms. The bank is crowded, as it is payday at the mill. Daisy makes her withdrawal and recounts her money. Suddenly, two men, dressed as Laurel and Hardy (Arte Johnson and Avery Schreiber) order everyone to freeze as they rob the bank. Rose Ellen (Miriam Byrd Nethery), the teller, panics and screams. Daisy seizes the opportunity to slip out the side door. From her vantage point, she sees the men are traveling in the same recreational vehicle she saw at the Boar's Nest the night before. She now has an idea the two men in the bank are the same men who were with Colt at the Boar's Nest the night before. She can't find anyone near enough to help, so she jumps atop the recreational vehicle in hopes of catching the robbers. Daisy waves frantically as the recreational vehicle passes Cooter's (Ben Jones) garage. Cooter pursues in his tow truck. The phone rings in the police station. The caller informs Enos the bank has just been robbed by Laurel and Hardy. Rosco is certain Enos is coming down with the delirium when he hears this. Boss Hogg, who owns the bank, is particularly upset. Since both Rosco and Enos are quarantined, Rosco calls over to Choctaw County for assistance. Jesse has been thinking about their situation and is now fairly certain Colt is part of the bank robbery plan. It just seems too coincidental that the man who picks a fight in a bar should come down with symptoms of the plague and cause the entire police force to be quarantined on the mill payday. The Dukes make plans to escape. Out on a road near the lake, the recreational vehicle comes to a halt. Now all that Daisy has to do is sneak inside the recreational vehicle and get some help on the citizens band radio. But she has to do it without being caught. Irving (Arte Johnson), the thin man, catches her and presents her to Wendal (Avery Schreiber), the fat man. As Wendal puts it, "Tsk ... tsk ... young lady ... you are in a peck of trouble." The Dukes escape from the jail. Jesse prays that Colt will join them as he should lead them right to Daisy and the bank robbers. Colt rises from his bed when the Dukes escape. Cooter has filled the General Lee's gas tank, and he is waiting for the Dukes as they leave the jail. Over the CB radio they hear Sheriff Ragsdale of Choctaw, who is the meanest sheriff around. Because the Dukes are traveling with Colt, they are now accomplices to the robbery, in the eyes of the law. As the Dukes search for Daisy, Crazy Cooter arrives on the scene and offers his assistance to Daisy. Meanwhile, Colt steals the General Lee, which it turns out was part of the plan. That way, they move a CB radio and a fast car right out to Daisy and Cooter and blaze a clean trail right to the robbers. When Colt arrives by the lake, Daisy immediately recognizes that Colt is suffering from a bad case of poison ivy -- nothing more. Sheriff Ragsdale finds the robbers with the help of word relayed from Cooter to the Dukes over the CB. Rosco and Enos also approach the lake, but Ragsdale and his men arrive first. After the dust clears by the lakeside, Ragsdale and his men arrest the three criminals, while a disgruntled Rosco protests that Ragsdale has no right to make an arrest in Hazzard County. Ragsdale quotes the hot pursuit law and leaves Rosco cussing.


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