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Fistfight at the Waffle House

Enjoy the season finale of FNA USA online to see 11 crazy clips.

He's Licking the Gun!

Our latest episode features bad-ass rides, epic meltdowns and much more. See the full show online.

Stuffed Banana With Dreadlocks

Watch online dating disasters, lazy sports and more crazy clips.

I Want Cup o'Noodles

See the episode online for backyard brawls, girls with guns and much more.

Too Hot for TV

Watch a clip that was too hot for the latest show, then watch a new episode of FNA USA Thursday at 10/9c.

Keg Stand Granny

Catch this episode of FNA USA online to see a wild granny and more clips.

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  1. This week's countdown of reasons America rules includes naughty neighbors, the zombie apocalypse, real-life superpowers and drunken late-night shenanigans....  Read Full Summary »


  2. This week's countdown of reasons America rules includes mechanical bull blunders, epic on-camera meltdowns, bad-ass rides, local news fails and the world's craziest super fans....  Read Full Summary »


  3. This week's countdown of reasons America rules includes an iPad for the potty, online...  Read Full Summary »



  1. CMT celebrates the most kick-ass country on the planet with the ultimate all-American countdown. Each week we'll raise a beer to 11 more reasons why the USA is the most freedom-loving, Olympic-medal-winning, dictator-toppling superpower ever.

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