Hold On Tight, Agent Gunsmith!

Steven Sumner sets up an ice-cold challenge. Enjoy an exclusive glimpse of the action and tune in Saturday at 9/8c.

Defeating Office Space Invaders

Steven has one shot to sell a 50-caliber rifle -- all while helping an IT expert get rid of some e-waste. See the full show.

Will Payton Sumner Stay on Task?

In this exclusive show extra, Payton takes a break from sweeping for a little firing action. Take a look.

Guns and Glory: Season Premiere

Watch as Steven Sumner works with the wife of an injured military veteran to surprise him with a custom rig. See the full show.

Guns and Glory: Exclusive Extras

From explosions to car removal, you don't want to miss these must-see show clips.

Watch Season One Online

Enjoy the entire first season including full shows, bonus clips, photos and more.

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  1. Two customers want to live out a matrix-style fantasy while Steven gets to live out a...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Payton has the brilliant idea to get new customers by creating a first-person video game...  Read Full Summary »


  3. The Sumners are busy with expansions at the range. While Kenny tends to business...  Read Full Summary »


About Guntucky

  1. Guntucky chronicles the Sumner family's adventures as they shoot from the hip and fire from all cylinders in business and in life, banding together to run their Knob Creek gun shop and shooting range. The Sumner children and grandchildren were born with guns in their hands, and now it's their turn to learn how to run the family business under Gran-Pa's tutelage. Guntucky follows three generations of Sumners as they're gunning for sales and each other behind closed doors, the shop's floor, the range outdoors, and 'round town in Kentucky.

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