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Moto Crossed

A teenager's first motorcycle lesson freaks out his mom. Check it out.

Couch Surfing

The boys prank a couch potato and help a friend with a "tramp stamp." Check it out.

Monster Trick

The guys pull a stunt at a monster truck rally and have issues with feuding neighbors.

Taking a Leak

The guys take a friend's wife cruising on a gator-filled lake in a sinking ship.

Meet the Cast

Big Ox and Jeremiah are skilled pranksters for hire. Check them out.

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  1. The guys take over a real estate office as corporate consultants and show the employees...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Jeremiah and Big Ox fool Casey's friend into thinking something is wrong with her...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Jeremiah and Big Ox turn their friend's house into a fully functioning Chinese...  Read Full Summary »


About Hillbillies for Hire

  1. Jeremiah and Big Ox have been doing stunts and pulling pranks on friends and family their whole lives. Now that they've built a reputation for mischief in the backwoods of Florida, people come from far and wide whenever they want to teach someone a lesson or get some good ol' redneck revenge. They use the barn where Ox lives with his dad, Chief, as hillbilly prank headquarters to build, test and destroy everything. Jeremiah's wife Casey wishes he'd cut out the constant hijinks and help out more around the house, but pranking is a way of life for Jeremiah and his brothers. Together with Ox, Chief and their wannabe rapper friend Drew, they use whatever they can find, borrow or make to create some of the craziest pranks you've ever seen.

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