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Behind the Scenes of Elf

Enjoy hilarious photos of Cody Alan and Alecia Davis as they film segments for Elf.

Miss Congeniality Photos

Browse photos as Cody Alan and Alecia Davis film segments for CMT #1 Music and a Movie.

Bloopers From Wild Hogs

Enjoy hilarious bloopers from Cody Alan and Alecia Davis.

Outtakes from Happy Gilmore

Cody Alan and Alecia Davis bring you bloopers from their Happy Gilmore introduction. Check it out.

Footloose Bloopers

Cody Alan and Alecia Davis have fun on the set while introducing Footloose.

Bloopers From Days of Thunder

Cody and Alecia introduce the movie Days of Thunder. Watch the outtakes.

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  1. Blockbuster movies and the hottest country music form a perfect duet with CMT #1 Music & a Movie, a fun and informative celebration of No. 1 achievements related to both the featured movie and the hottest country artists, past and present.

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