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The Princess Diaries Outtakes

Cody Alan and Kourtney Hansen joke around while filming CMT #1 Music and a Movie. Take a look.

Bloopers From the Set

Enjoy footage of Cody and Kourtney cracking up while filming the show.

Enjoy Hilarious Bloopers

Even professionals like Cody Alan and Kourtney Hansen crack up from time to time. Take a look.

CMT #1 Music and a Movie Goes Wild

Can you name the animal celebrity sightings on #1 Music and a Movie? Check it out.

Cody Alan Digs In for Pie-Eating Contest

He's joined by Kourtney Hansen for a little competition. See photos from the show.

Creepy Cody Alan Comes to Town

Check out photos from the taping of Bucket List.

About CMT #1 Music and a Movie

  1. Blockbuster movies and the hottest country music form a perfect duet with CMT #1 Music & a Movie, a fun and informative celebration of No. 1 achievements related to both the featured movie and the hottest country artists, past and present.

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