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Jared Horses Around

Jared enjoys some new and expensive toys while the girls take Wendy out for a night on the town. Watch the full episode.

Aimee's Friendly Fiesta

Aimee hosts a Mexican-themed fiesta for Mason's friend to prove the family isn't racist. Meanwhile, Doug goes speed dating. Watch the full episode.

Lawn & Order

Jared hatches another get-rich-quick scheme. And, Doug finds out Wendy has moved on with, let's just say, lawn care. Watch the full episode.

Dreading the Wedding

There's a wedding going on at Chris and Aimee's, and it will surely surprise. Watch the season premiere online.

The Rednecks Are Back

Your favorite big redneck family is back with an all-new season of fun. Watch this season's sneak peek.

The Talk

Jared makes plans for the future, and Chris and Aimee's parenting skills are put to the test. Watch the full episode.


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About My Big Redneck Family

  1. After sharing their last three vacations with America, the Clampet family is back; only this time, we're in their backyard! CMT will document America's favorite rednecks in this comedic docu-series following the family's everyday shenanigans as well as their parenting misadventures in their hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana. From documenting Tommy's efforts to cash in on his local celebrity status to Jared's refusal to change his daughter's diapers to Doug's relentless pursuit of intimacy with Wendy; CMT is taking us inside their houses and double-wides for a double dose of country folk craziness. The vacation may be over. but the party has just begun!

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