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  1. Chris, 34, is a hard-working country boy from Shreveport, La. Chris and Aimee have dated for three years. Chris has one daughter, Christian, and enjoys spending time outdoors -- especially on his bass boat or out in the woods during deer season....   Read More

  2. Doug, 29, is a registered nurse from Shreveport, La. Doug and his wife, Wendy, have two kids, Brody and Presley. Doug does things at his own pace and never gets in a hurry for anyone or anything -- unless it involves getting ready for hunting...   Read More

  3. Jared, 28, from Shreveport, La., has one son, Kenton, and is engaged to Michelle. Jared works in the oil and gas industry, but when he's not working, he spends as much time as possible with his son. Jared and Kenton enjoy hunting, fishing and mud...   Read More

  4. Tommy, 42, is a father of three from Shreveport, La. Tommy and Tammy are married and have been together for two years. Tommy has and eight-year-old son, Hunter. When Tommy isn't working or spending time with family, he can be found in the woods....   Read More


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