1. Paul Senior developed a love of motorcycles in his teens. His first bike was a 1971 Triumph Bonneville. He was in the steel fabrication business for 23 years before founding Orange County Choppers in 1999.

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  2. Steve has always had a passion for motorcycles and has owned several since the age of 10. When he's not at OCC, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, competing in triathlons and playing guitar in the OCC band.

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  3. Christian started working on motorcycles at the age of 7, usually finding bikes that had been thrown away and trying to bring them back to life. His favorite hobbies are motorcycles and music.

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  4. Evan has been welding since age 14 and has always had a love for fabricating motorcycles and hot rods. He has been building custom motorcycles since he was 15 and opened his own custom bike/hot rod shop when he was just 21.

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  5. At an early age, Jason started sketching and painting four-wheelers and dirt bikes. Due to his obsession with art and three-dimensional design, he studied at Art Institute, where he earned a BFA in media arts and animation. His hobbies include...   Read More »

  6. Jim has a degree in mechanical engineering from Florida Tech and has worked over 20 years with CNC machining. While Jim spends most of his time in the machine shop, he hopes one day to find time to finish a café style rebuild of his '79 Triumph...   Read More »

  7. Rick has been riding anything with wheels and a motor for as long as he can remember. He started off with mini-bikes, go-karts, three-wheelers, four-wheelers and dirt bikes and graduated to Harleys when he got older. He's also a big fan of...   Read More »

  8. Ron started working for Paul Senior back when he owned his welding company. After studying telecommunications, he worked at AT&T in New York City before returning to work for Paul and help manage Orange County Choppers.

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  9. Nick started riding dirt bikes as a young boy and learned how to repair them from his father. When it was time to decide on a career, it was an easy choice to work on motorcycles professionally. Nick enjoys repairing in line four and v-twin motors,...   Read More »

  10. Having been interested in cars and bikes since childhood, Phil followed his passion and went to school to study auto body repair before landing his dream job at OCC.

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  11. John got into machining in 2006 when he started at OCC at 16. He loves riding motorcycles, especially his two Ducatis and tries to spend as much time on them as he can.

    How many years have you been at OCC?
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  12. With a B.A. in psychology, Jon was the ideal candidate to handle the crazy demands of the OCC team. He does his best to keep up with the multiple simultaneous bike builds and has a knack for turning chaos into order. On breaks, Jon can often be...   Read More »


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