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Just Bust a Move

According to Duke, the way to a woman's heart is through dance. Does Duke have the right moves for Magan? Watch the sneak peek and catch the all-new episode on tomorrow at 9/8c.

I Don't Do Dibs

In the series premiere, a new crew of wild Southerners gets the party started when they arrive in Biloxi, Mississippi. Watch the full episode.

I Don't Do Dibs Trivia

Who just broke up with their fiancee? Who's a preacher's daughter? Test your knowledge with this series premiere quiz.

Say Cheese, Bradley

Once Bradley passes out on the first night, he gets a surprise makeover. Watch the girls prank him good.

Stop While You're Ahead

Bradley tries to drink Mississippi dry and Ashton calls a timeout. Watch these two get wild at the house on the first day.

Win the Ultimate Party Pack

What's your idea of the best party? Is Thirsty Thursday your favorite holiday? Take the quiz for a chance to win a party prize package.

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  1. It's the gang's first night out on the town, and they get wild. Raven isn't so sure about Tommy and sets her sights on other fish in the sea (or, shall we say "in the house"). Ashton becomes jealous that Raven is hooking up with all the guys in the house....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Buckle your seatbelts, Biloxi. A new crew of wild Southerners gets the party started when they arrive at a decked-out beach house. After the new roommates meet each other over beers, a catfight threatens when Ashton calls dibs on Tommy....  Read Full Summary »


About Party Down South 2

  1. CMT is introducing a new crew of guys and gals from the South who are ready to get their party on. The season follows this rowdy group of eight as they arrive in Biloxi, Mississippi ready to shotgun the summer. Their time in Biloxi quickly proves to be filled with mud pits, hook-ups, hangovers and a whole lot of drama as they get to know each other, party together and form close-knit relationships that will last even after the final keg has been kicked.

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