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Battle of the Buns

After a surprise marriage proposal goes off the rails, two roommates shock the house when they end up in bed. Watch the full episode.

Talk of Shame

Hott Dogg talks about joining the family. Then, Daddy redeems himself and Mattie officiates a live wedding. Watch the after show and the after-after show.

Which Guy Will Win Hott Dogg's Heart?

You're dying to know who the new roommate hooks up with this season. So, let's examine the competition.

Back In the Saddle

As the roommates arrive in Biloxi, Mississippi, they quickly realize they're a Lil' Bit short of eight people. Watch the full episode.

Get Ready to Get Wild

The original crew is back and wilder than ever before. See the exclusive first look at the entire season.

Party Down South Trivia

Do you remember the Lil Bit and Daddy drama? What about the times Martha appeared? Brush up on your Party Down South trivia.

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  1. Things get crazy on Boudreaux's Birthday... Lyle makes out with a lobster, his cake crash lands in the pool, and Hott Dogg wakes up in someone else's bed....  Read Full Summary »


  2. The newest member of the crew, Hott Dogg, talks about joining the Party Down South family. Daddy redeems himself with fruit, and Mattie officiates a live wedding....  Read Full Summary »


  3. Walt and Daddy continue their competition to see who can get to Hott Dogg's buns first. After a surprise marriage proposal goes off the rails, two roommates shock the house when they end up in bed together....  Read Full Summary »


About Party Down South

  1. This season, the crew takes the party to Biloxi, Miss. for 11 outrageous one-hour episodes. After surviving a whole lot of drama in Athens, Georgia, the tight-knit gang is closer than ever and itching to get back to what they do best -- showing everyone how to party down south. As always, wherever Mattie goes Martha is soon to follow, and this year she's brought along an energetic friend and fellow "Louisianimal" to join in the fun. How will Walt, Lyle, Daddy and Murray respond to this sexy, new roommate? Will she be able to earn Tiffany and Lauren's friendship? One thing is for certain -- this summer the partying will be out of control and the Gulf Coast will never be the same.

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