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  1. One of the most popular pro-wrestling superstars of all time, Steve Austin has been busy reinventing himself since retiring from the ring in 2003. The hugely popular WWE Hall of Fame inductee hit the big screen in 2010 in Sylvester Stallone's action...   Read More »

  2. Teri Allen Teri Allen

    redneck island

    (Ft. McCoy, Fla.) -- Proudly calls herself a loudmouth party animal. Became a grandmother at the age of 30 by marriage, and is very outgoing. Loves shooting guns, and even has a shooting range in her home.

  3. Eric Bradford Eric Bradford

    redneck island

    (Lexington, S.C.) -- The party boy jock. As a professional wrestler and former cheerleader in college, he is extremely energetic and highly competitive, but can sometimes come off as abrasive and selfish.

  4. (Panama City, Fla.) -- A bartender who enjoys drinking and having a good time. He is outgoing and can talk to anyone. Loves playing golf almost more than he loves hunting, fishing and four-wheeling.

  5. Dove Bush Dove Bush

    redneck island

    (Castlewood, Va.) -- Educated, artistic and open-minded. She is a huge Dolly Parton fan and tribute artist. Adventurous and loves traveling, music, spirituality and outdoor activities.

  6. Cayton "Tex" Flippen Cayton "Tex" Flippen

    redneck island

    (Sumner, Texas) -- Small town guy with a competitive nature and plenty of ambition. He is highly motivated and always wants to succeed. He is married and has a young daughter.

  7. Kevin "Bobo" Floyd Kevin "Bobo" Floyd

    redneck island

    (Midland City, Ala.) -- A good-hearted truck driver who will do anything for you, as long as you don't piss him off. Loves beer, hunting and guns, but is terrified of tornadoes.

  8. (Nashville, Tenn.) -- After two marriages that ended in divorce, he came out as a gay man. He is a hairstylist with a big and fabulous personality, but is just as much of a proud redneck as the next guy. Adam is competing for his five kids.

  9. (Campbellsville, Ky.) As a single dad, Rob Harris' family and son mean everything to him. He's a good ole boy and a Navy veteran with lots of energy and rarely drinks. He enjoys the outdoors, basketball and being active. He is charismatic and liked...   Read More »

  10. Jeannie Hunter Jeannie Hunter

    redneck island

    (Marble Falls, Texas) -- Fun-loving and adventurous, pistol-packing "Southern belle." Enjoys bull riding and went to college on a full rodeo scholarship. Likes to hunt and be outdoors.

  11. Jennifer Kercher Jennifer Kercher

    redneck island

    (Lakeland, Fla.) -- A tough ex-Navy girl, Jen is a certified EMT and a guy's girl who can change her own car tires and oil. She is outgoing, caring and always up for anything. Having grown up with a twin, Jen is also highly competitive.

  12. Catherine Long Catherine Long

    redneck island

    (Harrisburg, N.C.) -- Blonde, bubbly and funny "Southern belle." Likes to have a good time and is fun to be around, but can become stubborn and hot-headed at times. Loves her family, hunting and drinking beer.

  13. (Bristol, Va.) -- Outgoing and likeable professional wrestler. He is very competitive and always expects to win. Loves hunting, fishing, mudding, NASCAR, beer and football. Competing to win money for his fiancé and baby daughter.

  14. Kassie Worley Kassie Worley

    redneck island

    (Campton, Ky.) -- Single mom who likes to get dolled up and pretty, but not afraid to get down and dirty. She may come off as sweet and innocent, but is not afraid to speak her mind and tell it like it is.


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