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Where Are They Now?

Find out what the cast is up to and if any island romances continued or fizzled out on the mainland. Read more.

Two for the Money

Team neon prevails and claims the $100,000 prize. Watch the exciting season finale.

Story of Their Life

Becky and Tank D are still proud of themselves even though they came in second. Watch their exit interview.

Friends Forever

Josh and Katie reflect on the competition and their rocky friendship. Watch their exit interview.

On the Ropes

The final four teams plot to take out whoever stands in their way of making it to the end. Watch the full episode.

Redneck Trivia

Who said, "I love when Margaret cries because she looks like the end of a hot dog." Test your Redneck Island show knowledge.

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  1. The final three contestants face their last series of challenges, as only two will...  Read Full Summary »


  2. With only four contestants remaining, alliances will be put to the ultimate test....  Read Full Summary »


  3. It is down to the final five. After a day of bowling and fishing, a sharp-shooting...  Read Full Summary »



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About Redneck Island

  1. Steve Austin hosts this bunch of 12 rough and rowdy good old boys and girls on an uninhabited paradise, as they battle each other for $100,000 in cold hard cash.

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  1. A new power couple emerges in the game and another team's new romance is put in jeopardy.


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