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  1. One of the most popular pro-wrestling superstars of all time, Steve Austin has been busy reinventing himself since retiring from the ring in 2003. The hugely popular WWE Hall of Fame inductee hit the big screen in 2010 in Sylvester Stallone's action...   Read More

  2. 34, Ladonia, Texas

    Although her family takes the top spot, Angela's second greatest love is her pickup truck. It's a red 2500 diesel 4x4, and she takes great pride in the fact that it's bigger than the trucks most men drive. Angela loves to have...   Read More

  3. 24, Hiddenite, N.C.

    Darren is a firm believer that nothing is worth doing unless you go all the way, so he puts everything into whatever he does. Whether it's hunting, fishing, four-wheeling or studying electrical engineering, Darren always gives...   Read More

  4. 25, Lake Wales, Fla.

    Donna lives life harder than nearly anyone else on the planet. If there's a good time, she will find it and do her best to make it a better time. Surprisingly, Donna's also an amazing attentive and caring single mother and...   Read More

  5. 33, Leeds, Ala.

    Eliza considers herself a "country club redneck." She grew up singing opera and painting but still found herself growing up to be a deer hunting enthusiast and gun lover. Her greatest weapon is her understanding of people. She...   Read More

  6. 24, Louisville, Ky.

    Heather's sweet, innocent smile and unassuming voice makes her look like the classic Southern belle, but Heather is a tomboy through and through. She loves everything about the outdoors, from four-wheeling and jet skiing to...   Read More

  7. 23, Wichita Falls, Texas

    Joe is clearly not your textbook redneck. Looking at him, you'd probably expect to more see him fist-pumping in a Jersey club than hanging out in a Texas dive bar, but his redneck blood and roots run deeper than his...   Read More

  8. 26, Ashville, Ala.

    Justin lives his life by the redneck trifecta: beer, guns and hunting. He'll hunt or fish just about anything that flies, walks or swims. He loves spending times with his friends and family in the outdoors -- kicking back and...   Read More

  9. 29, Oakfield, Tenn.

    Kelly sweet smile, deep drawl and friendly demeanor sit atop an absolute firecracker with a temper you want to keep at a distance. But make no mistake. As a former National Guardswoman, she knows when to keep her mouth shut...   Read More

  10. 24, White House, Tenn.

    As a high school wrestling coach, Kyle is no stranger to physical competition or dealing with different types of people. His time as a coach has also taught him how to be a good mediator, and when faced with confrontation,...   Read More

  11. 32, Pinson, Ala.

    Nicknamed "Legs" and "Froggy Style" by friends for her incredible jumping ability in sports and her long legs, Lisa loves all physical activities and loves playing sports. Socially, she has many different types of friends,...   Read More

  12. 26, Albertville, Ala.

    With his disarming smile, outgoing personality and major-league mullet, Nick is a classic example of someone who puts everything out there for the world to see. Whether it be hunting, chasing women or just hanging out and...   Read More

  13. 26, Lakeland, Fla.

    Shawna is a perfect example of a feisty redneck mother who will protect her family at all costs. Her husband and three children are the most important things in her life, and she's currently fighting to help her family recover...   Read More

  14. 40, Alexander City, Ala.

    Wade is a redneck of all trades. He plays the guitar, rebuilds and restores trucks and loves hunting with his friends. A redneck by choice, Wade spent a good part of his life living a button-down lifestyle as a banker...   Read More

  15. 47, Dutton, Va.

    Will doesn't do anything halfway, from drinking beer and hunting to his time working on a crab boat, all the way to his physique, which is the first thing you'll notice about him. "Flex-zilla," as Will likes to call himself, works...   Read More


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