The Reconator

One of these rednecks walked away with the big bucks. Did your favorite win? Check it out.

Varmints in a Tree

Loyalty and alliances are tested as the final five battle it out for a spot in the finale.

The Shady Burrito

The "all-girl alliance" on the island begins to crack. Watch the results.

Cast Audition Tapes

They all want to win the big bucks. Take a look at some of the new castaways in their audition tapes.

Catch Up on Season One

Check out the entire first season of Redneck Island along with bonus clips.

Watch Season Two Online

They gave it everything they had, but in the end, only one walked away with the grand prize. Enjoy the entire second season and bonus clips online.

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  1. The final four rednecks look forward to making a run for the hundred grand and are...  Read Full Summary »


  2. The final five get down and dirty in order to win food items and make it one step closer...  Read Full Summary »


  3. A pair of alliance-mates find themselves in serious danger coming off of a surprise...  Read Full Summary »



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About Redneck Island 2

  1. Fourteen rednecks descend on Steve Austin's tropical island for their chance to compete for $100,000.

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  1. The castaways check out a crate that shows up on the island.

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