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  1. One of the most popular pro-wrestling superstars of all time, Steve Austin has been busy reinventing himself since retiring from the ring in 2003. The hugely popular WWE Hall of Fame inductee hit the big screen in 2010 in Sylvester Stallone's action...   Read More

  2. 21, Kennesaw, Ga.
    Amnesty might be small, but she's feisty. She loves the mud, the outdoors, hunting and shooting. She is a smokin' hot redneck who loves pink, can melt any boy's heart and will make all the women on the island jealous of her. This...   Read More

  3. 22, Brandenburg, Ky.

    Bayly grew up and still lives on a family farm in Kentucky. She loves putting on her camo overalls and heading to the stables any chance she gets. Her love for animals exceeds to caring for 14 rescue dogs. This daddy's girl...   Read More

  4. 27, Ellisville, Miss.

    Brandon grew up in the country -- running around in the woods, swimming in the creeks, fishing, four-wheeling, hunting and drinking beer. He lost his home he shared with his grandparents during Hurricane Katrina. Although...   Read More

  5. 23, Argo, Ala.

    Brittany says, she's just one of the boys with a vagina. She is always the life of the party and other girls hate her for that, but she just thinks they're jealous. She is always up for some spot lighting, cow tipping, drinking,...   Read More

  6. 25, Bennettsville, S.C.

    Brittany grew up grew up a country girl with a big mouth on her and an even bigger opinion about everything. She learned how to fish, hunt and mud bog, thanks to her country roots. This redneck gal has a big booty and big...   Read More

  7. 24, Creola, Ala.

    Candice, a.k.a. "Candy," is a Southern girl who isn't afraid to get dirty on the racetrack or put on her camo gear to go hunting. She is a sassy Hooter's girl who says, "I'm really nice until you give me a reason not to be."...   Read More

  8. 23, Brooksville, Ala.

    Cody, aka "Dink," is as crazy as they come. He will do anything that pops in his head and has broken many bones bull riding. He says, "Doctors are for pussies" and doesn't feel like he needs them to heal. He is a thrill...   Read More

  9. 24, Theodore, Ala.

    Daniel wouldn't trade in his redneck-camo wearing-backwoods-mudding ways for anything else. When his ex-fiance decided to end their relationship, Daniel became a womanizer who is just looking for a good time and not another...   Read More

  10. 29, Ripley, W.V.

    Lindsey grew up with four sisters and being the youngest, she had to be competitive in order to get her way. Her dad brought her up a tomboy, teaching her how to fish and hunt at a very young age. She raises rabbits for food and...   Read More

  11. 26, Rocky Mount, N.C.

    Mike is on a pit crew for dirt racing and his nickname is "Superman." He got this nickname in high school because he was always up for anything. He even has a tattoo on his calve to represent the super hero. He's MacGyver...   Read More

  12. 22, Dublin, Ga.

    Misty is no Georgia peach. In fact, she's more like a Georgia rebel. Her uncle taught her everything she knows about being a proud redneck. She once won a booty shaking contest. She's all about having a good time and always...   Read More

  13. 30, Pendleton, S.C.

    Phillip has been riding bulls, building tree houses and shooting guns from the young age of 9. He recently stopped riding bulls after a severe injury -- 13 concussions within a year -- and his wife forbid him to participate...   Read More

  14. 42, Smith Lake, Ala.

    Shane loves frog gigging (stabbing frogs in the water), hunting, fishing, coon hunting, mudding, drinking beer and shooting guns. This redneck has moves and considers himself an exceptional dancer. He is a beer pong champion...   Read More

  15. 26, Shepherdsville, Ky.

    Stacey hates redneck girls who love pink, especially pink camo. She grew up in Kentucky and is a guy's girl who can out-hunt and out-drink any man. She is very athletic -- playing soccer, softball, basketball and...   Read More

  16. 31, Lily, Ky.

    Travis grew up in the backwoods of Kentucky, a "poor-ass" as he calls it. He can climb any tree and hunt anything he can eat. He loves playing the guitar, watching NASCAR, drinking a cold beer, turtle hunting, fishing, mudding,...   Read More


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