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The Purdy Family

Michele traded her redneck lifestyle for the beaches of Florida. Can her family turn her back?

Redneck Rehab

City folks explore their country roots. Catch a new episode online now.

The Cardin Family

A New York opera singer spends time with her redneck family. Watch the results.

The Carolus Family

A former redneck with dreams of stardom encounters a redneck intervention. Watch it now.

Host Tom Arnold

Get to know more about host Tom Arnold.

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  1. Michele, 22, has traded in her camo, rifle and country ways for stiletto heels, dresses...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Russell, a modern day play boy is living large in the windy city, Chicago, Ill. He has...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Opera singer Kacey has long since traded in her hometown for the Great White Way of New...  Read Full Summary »



About Redneck Rehab

  1. Each week a former redneck is confronted by friends and family members that believe he or she should return to their country roots.

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