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LeAnn Rimes and Burt Reynolds star in a new CMT movie. Check out photos.

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About Reel Love

  1. When Holly (LeAnn Rimes) finds out her father Wade (Burt Reynolds) has suffered a heart attack, she drops everything and rushes back to her small Southern lake town to help him. Cantankerous Wade doesn't want to rest, or take his meds, or eat healthy. All he wants to do is fish. And all Holly wants to do is return home, but what she doesn't count on is developing an attraction for Jay (Shawn Roberts) -- the new guy in town. And once she gets back into small-town living and reconnects with her old friends and the joys of walking around barefoot, she also doesn't count on seeing her stuffy lawyer boyfriend in a different light -- one that makes her realize perhaps she really doesn't want all the trappings of a big city life but instead wants the simple joys of a smaller one.

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