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A Tattoo on the Town

It's time for the housemates to say goodbye as their time in Savannah comes to an end. Watch it now.

Road Trip and Romance

The housemates take a road trip, and Jeff lays his heart on the line.

Guardian Angels

The roommates go muddin' and Devin's boyfriend comes to visit. Watch it now.

A Glitterkiss and Huckapoo

A roommate has to be carried home after getting carried away in town. Watch it now.

Cassie, Collin and Devin Interview

The trio were visiting Nashville and sat down for a chat about the show, their roommates and cornhole. Read the interview.

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  1. Romances inside the house come to a boil as the roommates' time in Savannah comes to a...  Read Full Summary »


  2. A rock star bus trip to Jacksonville brings the gang closer than ever before as the guys...  Read Full Summary »


  3. The roommates take a rock star bus on an ATV adventure, which quickly becomes an...  Read Full Summary »



  1. Devin makes her choice among a houseful of men. Watch it online.

  2. Tribble looks for love. Enjoy the entire season online.

About Southern Nights

  1. Ten friends move into an historic Southern mansion in Savannah, Ga., and set out to live the Southern high life together. Over eight episodes, they will explore the best of the South -- from rodeos and ranches to nightclubs and tailgate parties, from upscale hotspots to barefoot blue jean nights, from the heart of the countryside to the sandy beaches of the Georgia and Florida coasts. They will come to see themselves as a family and work through complex relationship issues. Romances will be constantly evolving through hookups, breakups and makeups. The series explores young people coming of age as they live the true, authentic Southern fantasy -- good friends, beautiful starry nights, sleek nightclubs and charming (and sometimes rough and tumble) Southern bars.

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  1. The housemates encounter more drama.