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  1. Adele is a competitive body builder who doesn't believe that age matters. She had a mini stroke at the age of 40 that was a real wake up call for her. She runs a health and fitness studio that helps people change their lifestyles for the better. ...   Read More

  2. Regina loves to lift weights. She has placed in the Top 3 of strong man competitions. Her favorite thing to do is boxing, which gets out all her aggression. When it comes to battling, she would rather die than give up. If Regina wins the $10,000,...   Read More

  3. Cameron is both a MMA cage and Muay Thai fighter. She's also a former division one lacrosse player for Penn State. She can squat 220 pounds and has no problem with trash talk as long as you can back it up. Her favorite thing to do is to smack a...   Read More

  4. Laura has been a fighter since she was a baby when she was diagnosed with a rare form of rheumatoid arthritis. It's a condition that has never gone away. She's run four marathons and three triathalons. She hates to lose and will pout and scream,...   Read More

  5. Heather was an all-star and league MVP for the woman's professional football league in 2013. She's a fitness-crazed tomboy who likes running half marathons and obstacle races. She loves to compete and will do whatever it takes to come out on top. ...   Read More

  6. Kristen is hard-nosed New York City cop who has to be tough for a living. She played semi-pro soccer and recently competed in an Iron Man competition. Her favorite thing to do to keep in shape is to run. She has run five marathons and ultra...   Read More

  7. Despite her academic workload, Leah spends her spare time as an amateur boxer who can really pack a punch. She grew up on a farm and played high school football on the boy's team as a wide receiver. She's quick and fast and sees this as an advantage...   Read More

  8. Rachel works out five times a week doing CrossFit and weight training. She's a former undefeated jello-wrestling champ who can do handstand push-ups. When it comes to competition, she looks at herself as a lioness searching out her prey. If Rachel...   Read More

  9. This Oklahoma boy is country strong. The 31 year old is a graphic designer during the week, and a professional wrestler on the weekends. He has spent over 10 years in the ring and has loved every cut, bruised bone and body slam that came with it. If...   Read More

  10. Whether it's through flowing locks or his big bad legs, Frank generates a lot of power for someone his size. The 5'10", former college football player says his greatest assets are his legs and hips. He loves to hit people and plans on spreading that...   Read More

  11. When you look up the word "athlete" in the dictionary, chances are you'll see a picture of Tommy. The Salt Lake City resident finished second in the world at the CrossFit games and has won two world team competitions. In college Tommy played middle...   Read More

  12. No one in this competition may be as well prepared to handle high pressure situations as Erik. The San Diego native spent five years in the Navy as a combat medic and surgical assistant. Erik's typical workout involves everything from running steep...   Read More

  13. "Freak" might be the one word that best fits Van. How else would you describe a 6'0" 245 pound man who can run a 4.5 40 yard dash and do flips as easy as an Olympic gymnast? The Lafayette, Indiana native says he gets his power from his days of...   Read More

  14. Trevor is as tough as they come. The Chicago resident has never lost any of the local Strongman competitions he's entered. Last year he had his best finish in the national Strongman competition with a Top 10 finish. It's scary to think he's only 25...   Read More

  15. It takes a special breed to be an MMA fighter and Josh is just that. The Beulaville, North Carolina, native is hoping to open up a can of country whoop ass on the ranch. He can do it with his MMA skills or with his black belt in Jiu Jitsu. If two...   Read More

  16. With a nine to five job as a strategy consultant, Bob is usually counting down the minutes until he gets to the gym. That's when he gets into beast mode. The 24 year old does everything from Cross-Fit to free weights. At the gym they've nicknamed...   Read More

  17. Megan is a country girl at heart and grew up in a family of athletes. She is a former Division 1 basketball player who also competes in Jiu Jitsu. She says she never loses and believes her abs are her secret weapon. If Megan wins the $10,000, she...   Read More

  18. Growing up, Rachel had a very strict religious upbringing and wasn't allowed to play sports. She got involved working out later in life. She credits CrossFit for making her into the beast she is. If Rachel wins the $10,000, she plans on using it to...   Read More

  19. Taylor makes her living getting tossed around as a stuntwoman. The former football and rugby player is no stranger to pushing her body to its limit. Her whole life she has always been underestimated because of her physical appearance. She believes...   Read More

  20. This mother of two is into CrossFit training and boot camps. She also teaches pilates and yoga. When she's not body building, she likes to live life on the edge by skydiving. She says she is more fit now than she was in her 20s. If Taunya wins the...   Read More

  21. Amber is a body builder looking to qualify for Mrs. Olympia 2014. Having been overweight coming out of college, she turned to fitness and lost 100 pounds. She likes to intimidate her competition and has no problem talking trash. If she wins the...   Read More

  22. Karis is heavy into CrossFit. She also does Olympic lifting and competes in strong man competitions. Her size makes her an intimidating presence, but it's her heart that makes her a winner. If Karis wins the $10,000, she plans on using it to help...   Read More

  23. Jenny nearly lost her leg in a motorcycle accident but has recovered thanks to CrossFit, hard work and her will to overcome all obstacles. She is the mother of two and is tough as nails. If Jenny wins the $10,000, she plans on investing it back into...   Read More

  24. Arianna has battled being heavy her whole life. She recently shed more than 100 pounds, thanks to her strength training regime and dedication to hitting the gym every day. It led her to become a fitness trainer. She is very competitive and has no...   Read More

  25. Dustin is a hard core CrossFitter. When he's not working as a personal trainer, he's working out daily, even twice a day. Dustin has competed in Spartan Races, marathons and had a recent first place finish in a CrossFit Elite competition. An...   Read More

  26. The youngest competitor this season, 20-year-old Bryce is a force to be reckoned with. He plans to use his age to his advantage, as he feels like his young body can take more punishment than the older guys. As a bartender from New Orleans, Bryce has...   Read More

  27. Most 47-year-olds are thinking more about lifting grandkids than lifting weights. But this is no typical 47-year old. The bridge pperator from Carmel, New York, comes to Broken Skull Ranch to prove he still has what it takes to compete with the...   Read More

  28. Alex is a warrior straight out of the movie 300. The Manhattan restaurant owner has competed in all kinds of competitions, from Spartan Races to a Mexican Death Race, which is as terrifying as it sounds. He also has won the Beach Grappling...   Read More

  29. Damon is a lot of power wrapped in a small frame. At 5'7" and 195 pounds, he is a journeyman pro wrestler dreaming of the big time. He looks at Steve Austin as a role model and credits him for being a positive influence in his life. His training is...   Read More

  30. When Aaron isn't busting up concrete or lifting heavy plywood for the family construction business, he's in the gym. An avid CrossFitter, he has competed in several CrossFit competitions, Tough Mudders and Wildflower triathalons. The former BMX...   Read More

  31. A former college football player, Matt now trains high school athletes, preparing them for college sports and for life. He has competed in several CrossFit competitions but says he wasn't impressed with the athletes and needed something more...   Read More

  32. Colin is an online fitness coach who lives and breathes fitness. He opened up his own gym at age 19 and has never looked back. He has competed in several CrossFit competitions worldwide. Colin does a little bit of everything in the gym but says...   Read More

  33. This chief operating officer has beauty and brawn. Shelly is a competitive body builder who is also ranked seventh in the nation for power lifting in her weight class. She can dead lift over 330 pounds. If Shelly wins the $10,000, she plans on...   Read More

  34. Briana finds her strength and focus through practicing yoga. She believes her yoga training will be the difference maker in the competition. When not designing tattoos, she takes care of kids with special needs. If Briana wins the $10,000, she plans...   Read More

  35. Kristen considers herself freakishly strong. When she's not in the ring fighting in an MMA match, she can be found coaching kids in the Special Olympics. She has a black belt in Shaolin kung fu and a brown belt in Brazilian jiujitsu. If Kristen wins...   Read More

  36. Tina is a working mother of three little boys who keep her busy nonstop. She does her Insanity work-outs, lifts weights and runs every day to keep herself sane and in shape. If Tina wins the $10,000, she plans on taking her family to Disney...   Read More

  37. Randalene is a bikini and fitness model who would drink Botox if she could. She's a former U.S. track and field pole vaulter who knows all about what it takes to win. She hits the gym two hours a day doing CrossFit and strength training. If...   Read More

  38. Danielle got involved in fitness to help her dad, who was battling prostate cancer. Together they got in shape, and now they enter fitness competitions together. She's the mother of 5-year-old twin girls. She loves to weight lift and body build. If...   Read More

  39. Ashley may be a small girl, but she packs a punch. She kickboxes and runs five to six miles a day. She has mostly done solo competitions, so going up against other women is something she is looking forward to do. If Ashley wins the $10,000, she...   Read More

  40. A feisty little girl with a lot of power, Morgan CrossFits five days a week. She also holds a black belt in world tang soo do. She feels her best assets are her powerful legs. If she wins the $10,000, she plans on using it for cosmetology...   Read More

  41. Michael is a tough guy with an attitude. Always looking for competition, he comes to the Broken School Ranch to prove he is a bad ass. He has spent over 15 years in the ring as a pro wrestler and has wrestled in front of thousands, so he is...   Read More

  42. "Slow feet, don't eat, that's why we compete, and I'll be damned if I fall victim to defeat" is Josh's life motto. The youth athletic trainer believes he has the perfect physique to be successful at the Broken Skull Challenge and is not afraid to...   Read More

  43. A high school math teacher by day and an avid CrossFitter by night, Dave recently placed in the Top 5 and Top 8 of two national CrossFit competitions. He's always overlooked as being tough because he is a teacher. Dave plans to sneak up on the...   Read More

  44. This 23-year-old has played football all his life and is used to dealing with lineman twice his size. After he leaves the ranch, Gio is headed overseas to play professional football in Europe. In the gym, he does a lot of Olympic weight lifting,...   Read More

  45. Joe is an ex-Army ranger who's done two tours in Iraq. The 30-year-old has now dedicated his life to fitness and works as a strength and conditioning coach in Woodbridge, Illinois. Joe doesn't have a big sports background but says his military...   Read More

  46. Grey is a physical specimen -- power, agility and speed. He attributes his speed and power to soccer and his 15 years of playing the sport. The 23-year-old is in the gym seven days a week. CrossFit, weight training, you name it, Grey will do...   Read More

  47. Keith is one of the most intense competitors to ever visit the ranch. The Dallas, Texas, native is a former collegiate champion in track and field. The 23-year-old grew up in a tough neighborhood that taught him it's better to be the predator then...   Read More

  48. Nick is a former firefighter who now trains firefighters. He knows how to stay cool under pressure. On the weekends, Nick likes to put on the boxing gloves and go one-on-one in the ring. Despite being from Iowa, Nick has never hunted, but he plans...   Read More

  49. Sandra works out doing CrossFit two to three hours every day. She grew up doing gymnastics in her native homeland of Sweden, which helped her become the dedicated athlete she is today. She prides herself on her mental toughness and strong endurance....   Read More

  50. Alison loves CrossFit and doing workouts that make her lungs burn and give her a headache. She played soccer in college. She believes her legs are the asset she needs in order to do well in the competition. If she wins the $10,000, she plans on...   Read More

  51. Andi lives by the motto that age does not define toughness. Her nickname is the "queen of green." She has used working out to help change her life physically as well as mentally. For a workout, she will do burpees for one mile. If she wins the...   Read More

  52. Heather plays in the Women's Professional Football League. She may be one of the smallest on the team, but she's also one of the fastest. She grew up playing soccer and hates to lose at anything she competes in. If she wins the $10,000, she plans on...   Read More

  53. Shana is a six-time world lumberjack champion, two of which she won on a torn ACL. She is also a black belt in karate and does triathlons for fun. Having lost her mother recently to Huntington's disease, Shana is constantly reminded to live each day...   Read More

  54. Connie trains through CrossFit but has run several half and full marathons. She struggles with moments of self-doubt and finds working out as a way to overcome those doubts. She believes she is a nerd who is freakishly strong. If she wins the...   Read More

  55. Jyllianne believes pain is needed to achieve your fitness goals. She really enjoys doing Olympic weightlifting. She loves to compete in everything she does no matter what it is. She says her hips are hyper flexible and can pop in out of joint...   Read More

  56. Darlene is all about high energy. She uses various CrossFit routines to help keep her in shape, which allow her to compete in bikini model competitions. In high school, she wrestled on the boys team. If Darlene wins the $10,000, she plans on putting...   Read More

  57. Brandon is a former police officer turned personal trainer. He is so focused on his fitness, he grew a beard to scare off women at the gym. The 30-year-old enjoys high intensity workouts and activities that enhance his endurance. He has competed in...   Read More

  58. Brian lives by the motto "Pain during training goes away during victory." The former U.S. Marine says boot camp was the hardest thing he's ever done, so he's ready for anything the Broken Skull Challenge has to offer. Despite all his MMA training...   Read More

  59. This financial analyst likes to go from crushing numbers to crushing skulls. Ryan can deadlift over 400 pounds and participates in obstacle course competitions as a hobby. When asked what his favorite part of his body is, he answers, "My whole...   Read More

  60. As a musician, David is used to performing on the big stage and under pressure. With a background in martial arts and training in jujitsu, he says his desire to win will supersede anyone that stands in front of him. While he may be one of the...   Read More

  61. This 24-year old comes to the Broken Skull Challenge for one reason only -- to prove he is "the baddest mother f***** this side of West Tennessee." As an unarmed bodyguard, Joe has traveled to many third world countries and, as he puts it, "goes...   Read More

  62. With 18 years as a Navy pilot, Michael knows what it's like to be in high pressure situations. The elder statesman of the group is in the best shape of his life and is ready to hold his own against the "young guns." It's the mental toughness that he...   Read More

  63. Jeff is a cancer survivor who has overcome more things by age 31 than most people do in a lifetime. The Massachusetts native lost a finger during a sawing accident at work. His current job as an iron worker in New York has him 10 stories up,...   Read More

  64. This New Yorker is as mentally tough as they come. As a former Marine, Doug has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan six times, so he is ready for anything Steve Austin has to offer. Doug came to the Broken Skull Challenge to see how his 13 years...   Read More

  65. Ashley is an adrenaline and fitness junkie. She loves skydiving, cycling, running marathons and yoga. Through fitness, Ashley was able to overcome her addiction to alcohol which has made her not only physically stronger but mentally stronger as...   Read More

  66. Colleen is a professional MMA fighter who plans on beating her competition into submission. Her background in muay Thai, Jin Jitsu, tae kwon do, wrestling and weight lifting make her one tough customer to mess with. She has no problem pushing her...   Read More

  67. Ogom, aka "the Nigerian knockout," is a full throttle, in your face lingerie football player who doesn't mess around. he's been known to twerk on her opponents' heads after taking them down. For fun, she likes to weight lift, play soccer and...   Read More

  68. Melissa sees herself as her own competition. The former Division 1 soccer player is also a Spartan warrior, who likes to bike, run and ski. She is not intimidated by anyone or anything. She thrives under pressure and hates to lose. She is obsessed...   Read More

  69. Alysha grew up on a farm -- the only girl among five brothers. She knows what hard work is, and she isn't afraid of it. She is a boxer, body builder, obstacle racer, avid rock climber and rodeo girl. There is nothing you can throw at her that she...   Read More

  70. Shellane may be older than her competition, but according to her, that means nothing. The former military police officer has seen it all. She's used to performing under pressure in high stress environments. She's a body builder and CrossFit trainer...   Read More

  71. Kalin may look and act like a girly girl, but she's explosive. This marketing coordinator is a former Division I tennis star and uses CrossFit to keep in shape. Her whole life people have underestimated her because of her size, and that's just how...   Read More

  72. Tessa, aka "the Texas terror," is a beast in all facets of her life. The radio sports talk host isn't afraid to speak her mind. She works out every day lifting, doing CrossFit and body building. She's all in, all the time. She hates losing more than...   Read More

  73. Brett is a highly competitive guy, who will do everything possible to win. He has wrestled professionally and teaches power lifting. To keep in shape, he serves as a high school football offensive line and strength and conditioning coach. He doesn't...   Read More

  74. Dustin is a country boy from Oklahoma who grew up with a hard work pays off attitude. He strengthened his soccer skills while in college. He weight trains and hikes often to keep fit. He is dedicated to finishing anything he starts and refuses to...   Read More

  75. Jason enjoys seeing others lose at his expense. He trains three hours a day, six days a week -- weight lifting and strength training. He doesn't use any types of steroids and is infuriated by body builders who do. He is a thrill seeker who skydives,...   Read More

  76. Todd was a small kid growing up, and he was always competing against bigger kids. He believes it helped make him the athlete he is today. Todd has fought in MMA and can clean and jerk 285 pounds. He says his beard is the source of his power. If he...   Read More

  77. Ryon considers himself mentally tougher than anyone. He believes his years playing rugby have prepared him for anything. He likes to hunt and enjoys taking down his prey whether it's in the woods or on the field. If Ryon wins the $10,000, he plans...   Read More

  78. Joe is a guy who likes to get in your head and mentally screw with you. He's a defensive back who enjoys taking down bigger guys than he is. He cross fits, runs and strength trains to keep himself in game shape. He grew up betting others that he...   Read More

  79. Kyle is a self-proclaimed trash talker. He says his mouth is his biggest weapon. Besides wrestling, he inline skates, weight lifts and strength trains. He is very confident in his abilities as an athlete and considers himself to be truly gifted. He...   Read More

  80. Daniel is a Nebraska farm boy who grew up doing lots of physical labor. He had to compete and work for everything he got. He played four years of college football, runs obstacle courses for fun and is always in the gym strength training. In 2008, he...   Read More


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