1. Steve 'Stone Cold' Austin, six-time World Wrestling Federation Champion and 2003 WWE Hall of Fame inductee has been busy since retiring from the ring in 2003. Austin began his acting career in 2005 with a breakout performance in the Adam Sandler...   Read More

  2. Women's champ from season one, Heather, plays in the Women's Professional Football League. She may be one of the smallest on the team, but she's also one of the fastest. She grew up playing soccer and hates to lose at anything she competes in....   Read More

  3. When you look up the word "athlete" in the dictionary, chances are you'll see a picture of Tommy, reigning men's champion. The Salt Lake City resident finished second in the world at the CrossFit games and has won two world team competitions. In...   Read More

  4. Casey moonlights as a pro wrestler who goes by the name "Lionheart." He crunches numbers by day and crushes skulls at night. He considers himself an all-around athlete, participating in yoga and strength training, while competing in extreme obstacle...   Read More

  5. Chris is a Southern boy who grew up on a farm where he became redneck strong. Between doing CrossFit and soccer, he feels ready for anything the ranch throws at him. He says he will do whatever it takes to win a competition, even if it means...   Read More

  6. Dustin is a former prison guard who knows what tough is. His diet consists of brown rice and 5 pounds of chicken a day. He doesn't believe in CrossFit and being a gym junky. Training with weights is all he needs. He lives by the quote "Don't judge a...   Read More

  7. Jeff believes age is nothing more than a number. He says people stop him on the street thinking he's Steve Austin. He's a former Marine and high school football player and is really looking to take on physical contact at the ranch, something he...   Read More

  8. Josh says he trains for everything, so he's prepared for anything. He's played sports his whole life and CrossFits six days a week. He wants to show he can compete against the high caliber athletes he represents. He doesn't cuss or talk crap, as he...   Read More

  9. Justin is former college and arena league football player. He tore his ACL in 2011, ending his pro career. He's a family man with five kids and is coming to the ranch to show them that he still has his warrior edge. He uses all his years of training...   Read More

  10. Mack grew up beaten and bullied and used this to fuel him into becoming the beast he is today. He competes in obstacle races year round. He believes the competitors are just a warm-up for him to take on the Skullbuster. His endurance is his key to...   Read More

  11. Skylar is a rugby player who was known for his tackling skill. He's also a marathoner and strongman competitor who believes his huge hands and grip will be his key to victory. If he wins, the $10,000 will break him even because he closed his...   Read More

  12. Like a good wine, Ami just gets better with age. The 41-year-old is currently ranked ninth in the world in CrossFit for her age group. As a gym manager, she spends every day in the gym, and it's that kind of training that leads her to the Broken...   Read More

  13. Don't let this sweet soccer mom fool you. Brittney is as tough as they come. The mom of two used to weigh 180 pounds but motivated herself to lose the weight and now competes in figure competitions. This self-proclaimed cardio queen says she is the...   Read More

  14. As a boot camp owner and single mother of two, Danielle is nothing but tough. She may come across as a sweet little blonde, but she is so intense, she tends to scare her son's girlfriends away. She lives by the three D's: determination, dedication...   Read More

  15. A 20-year-old Jiu-Jitsu fighter with a mean streak, Desiree is ready for the Broken Skull Challenge. The Kentucky native also dabbles in MMA and says the two things she lives for are "choking people out and choking people out." For most, saying they...   Read More

  16. If working out is a universal language, then right now, Francis speaks three languages. The bilingual fitness model is originally from Honduras, but growing up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, has made her a country girl at heart. She loves going to the...   Read More

  17. You can't have a nickname like "The Tank" without plowing over a few people along the way. Heather once did a grueling 13- mile Spartan Beast race, then turned right around and did the 30-mile Ultra Beast the very next day. Recently, she added...   Read More

  18. Stephanie is the definition of country strong. The South Carolina native does every kind of workout imaginable, including once carrying a 170-pound man up the stairs of the state capitol building -- for fun. Stephanie has started her own running...   Read More

  19. Six days a week Tanya does one hour of cardio and two hours of CrossFit -- all before 7 a.m. Then she switches over to single mom mode for another workout with her three boys. Then it's back to the gym for her day job as a CrossFit coach. Tanya...   Read More

  20. Andrew is a rugby player who understands what being tough is all about. He powerlifts, runs 30 miles a week and believes his endurance is second to none. He's used to going up against bigger guys and coming out on top. He loves taking and handing...   Read More

  21. Chris has been through a lot in his life having overcome a drug addiction. He believes his legs are his weapon when it comes to competition. He trains in CrossFit, does Spartan races and loves obstacle course races which he believes will help him...   Read More

  22. Johnny works out seven days a week and does Spartan races and CrossFit to keep in shape. He may be small in stature, but he's large in heart, and he has a motor that goes nonstop. His life changed forever after his brother was tragically killed in...   Read More

  23. Lee is an Army veteran who served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He weightlifts, runs and competes in combat fighting competitions to stay in shape. He doesn't believe in CrossFit, saying the military has prepared him for anything the Broken...   Read More

  24. Orrin struggled with a drug addiction early in his life, but he has overcome that using CrossFit and weightlifting as his cure. It's not only made him strong physically, but mentally as well. He strives to be top dog in everything he does. Coming...   Read More

  25. Rob is an all-around athlete who dabbles in rock climbing, snowboarding, triathlons and obstacle course races. He believes his endurance is the best and prides himself on his abs of steel. When not tearing it up training, Rob is a cheerleader at the...   Read More

  26. Ryan makes a living as a motivational speaker, but he needs no motivation himself. He believes he has cheated death nine times, most recently when he ruptured his appendix. He played in the Arena Football League and is now part of an MMA fight team....   Read More

  27. Tony owns the bodybuilding title Mr. California. He claims to be the poster child for fitness. He has been weight training all his life, has run marathons, kickboxed and done CrossFit. He's really proud of his 7 percent body fat. He wants to prove...   Read More

  28. Danielle loves to hit people. When she's not crunching numbers, she's crunching opponents in the Legends Football League. As a defensive end, Danielle says it's not so much about the tackle as it is laying the opponent out. Normally the silent but...   Read More

  29. Emily is a physical specimen. At 6'1" she towers over the competition. After spending three months in the corporate world, she headed straight for strongman and CrossFit competitions and immediately was hooked. Emily wants to win that $10,000 so she...   Read More

  30. With over 30 professional fights under her belt, Erin is ready for the ranch. She genuinely enjoys hurting people and loves anything that involves combat. That may explain her disdain for CrossFit, which she claims gives a "false sense of reality to...   Read More

  31. The first Scottish Highland Games athlete to visit the ranch is ready for anything Steve throws at her. Felicia likes throwing logs and boulders, so she's not too keen on CrossFit. In fact, she's hoping to take on a CrossFitter to prove her...   Read More

  32. Heather is a self-proclaimed "big girl" who is not afraid to hurt someone. The professional wrestler hits the gym six days a week. But you won't catch her on a yoga mat. Heather believes women who do yoga and Pilates are a joke. Heather plans on...   Read More

  33. Despite being born with a crooked leg, Jennifer has been a competitor from day one. During her days as a professional soccer player, Jennifer's nickname was Bulldozer. After soccer, Jennifer decided to conquer the world of CrossFit, with her team...   Read More

  34. This country gal loves the mud and riding horses. A total tomboy growing up, Jordan says she is country strong. Once a competitive horse rider, Jordan also loves to kick box and has dabbled in mixed martial arts. She's used to sparring with men, so...   Read More

  35. A tough middle linebacker with a mean streak, Monique has the perfect combination of speed and strength to compete on the Broken Skull Challenge. This Legends Football League Hall of Famer loves to hit people and talk trash. When she's not yapping...   Read More

  36. Chris is a very spiritual man. He believes God put him on this ranch to do his work. He is a college football player who has no problem taking out a guy in the name of Jesus. He has a gym at his church where he works out to stay in peak shape. If...   Read More

  37. Jake is a wrestler who is used to smashing his opponents in the face, and it's what he plans to do at the ranch. He's a former college football player and graduated with a teaching degree. He believes his high energy and high tolerance for pain have...   Read More

  38. Jess is a Navy veteran who knows a lot about courage and commitment. He survived the bombing of his ship the USS Cole. He loves getting tattoos because of the pain. He wrestles professionally and doesn't believe you have to do CrossFit to be a good...   Read More

  39. Joey is deputy sheriff and used to dangerous situations and having to think quick on his feet. He plans to use all his police training and skills at the ranch. He lifts weights and runs every day to keep in shape. He's not intimidated by anything or...   Read More

  40. Josh used to be overweight, but he turned his life around by dieting, strength training and lots of cardio. He is very proud of his 8 percent body fat. He's a guy who loves physical contact and can't wait to go head-to-head. He's a former Division 1...   Read More

  41. Nick grew up in a military household, moving around a bunch. He was an All-American high school wrestler. He has participated in several strongman competitions that have taken him all over the world. Nothing scares him because he makes his living as...   Read More

  42. Sam is legally blind, but he doesn't let that hamper his life or his athletics. Both he and his wife compete in CrossFit competitions across the country. He played Division 1 football and makes his living as a pro grid athlete, which he believes...   Read More

  43. Steve is a former Marine who and recently opened his own CrossFit gym. He believes his size is intimidating to his opponents. He spends about 80 hours a week CrossFit training and coaching others. He can deadlift 500 pounds. Steve competes in Tough...   Read More

  44. Anna is not your typical homeschool mom. This mother of four is one of the most competitive athletes to ever visit the ranch. As a spartan race ambassador, Anna is always competing, and she's usually winning. Her kids are so used to her bringing...   Read More

  45. Ashley loves to prove people wrong. At 5'2" and 120pounds, she does it every day. After overcoming a battle with alcoholism, she threw herself into competitive obstacle course racing. Whether it's through Tough Mudders, Warrior Dashes, spartan races...   Read More

  46. A flying trapeze instructor from Alabama, Blair is ready to soar over the competition. Her line of work requires her to have a small yet extremely powerful frame. She has more upper body strength than most women. Blair lost her husband in Iraq and...   Read More

  47. No one hates second place more than Gena. In high school, she was a three-sport athlete. She plans on using her balance from gymnastics, her toughness from field hockey and her speed from running track to win big at the ranch. Gena's motivation to...   Read More

  48. Jacqueline lives for competition. A former college wrestler and coach, there's nothing she likes more than going head-to-head with someone and enforcing her will. As a freshman in college, she represented the USA in an international wrestling...   Read More

  49. Raised on a turkey farm, Misti is not scared of getting down and dirty. She thrives on doing what other people can't. The gym owner is banking on her no-quit mentality to be successful on the ranch. After gaining over a hundred pounds during...   Read More

  50. During the day, Nicole is the sweet, pretty girl with an office job, but at night, she turns into beast mode and becomes a little monster that will run over anything in her way. Nicole spends six days a week in the gym, doing everything from...   Read More

  51. Growing up the daughter of a Marine Corp sniper was not easy. Sarah would get up every morning at 5 a.m. and go on runs with her dad. For punishment, she had to do push-ups. It's that kind of discipline that has made her the athlete she is today --...   Read More

  52. Anthony calls himself "Batman" because he's a bad man in a good body. He's an all-around athlete that keeps in shape with running, mountain biking, weights and soccer. He teaches body weight training to his clients. When it comes to competition, he...   Read More

  53. Caleb is addicted to adrenaline. Working as a fireman, he is used to putting his life on the line every day. He CrossFits four days a week, swims and does the Viking workout that pushes his body to the max. He also loves to do Iron Man and triathlon...   Read More

  54. Jeremiah is the type of guy who doesn't mind getting down and dirty to win. He's got a background in MMA and looks forward to head-to-head competition. He calls himself "Big Rig" because he drives over his opponents. He mixes weight training and...   Read More

  55. Jonathan is as fit as they come. He does CrossFit, Jiu Jitsu, Olympic weight training and competes in obstacle course races. He believes it's not just about the body but the mind as well. Jonathan is so dedicated to his training that he built an...   Read More

  56. Kevin is former Marine who fought in Afghanistan and believes his military background has prepared him for anything the ranch has to throw at him. He trains seven days a week in martial arts, weights and anaerobic exercise. Kevin does not believe in...   Read More

  57. Kyle knows what tough is. He survived a freak bonfire accident that burned 70 percent of his body and was actually put in a coma for 12 days. He is into high intensity strength training and bodybuilding to keep in shape. He believes his back is his...   Read More

  58. Nate is a former Marine who believes he was trained well in fighting and putting in hard work. He is into CrossFit, metabolic conditioning, swimming and weight training. Nate believes his cardio is second to none and that he has an endless gas tank....   Read More

  59. Will is an Army veteran, prepared for anything and everything. He looks at the gym as his battlefield. His biggest pet peeve is people in the gym trying to talk with him while he is working out. CrossFit and weight training are his sources of power....   Read More

  60. You don't want to mess with the law, especially when the law is named Amber Lynn. The Mississippi police officer graduated as top female from the police academy. She's already held two MMA championship belts, and she's done all of it by the tender...   Read More

  61. The first elected official to visit the ranch, Ashley lives and breathes for competition. At the age of 23, she was elected to city council. She's all about having a strategy and executing it. The Crossfit fanatic is often told at work she's too...   Read More

  62. For Danielle, there's no situation she can't handle. As a behavioral specialist she's calm and collected under pressure -- something she believes will give her an advantage during battle. When she's not handling a crisis, she's handling opponents in...   Read More

  63. From ice hockey to Muay Thai, Jessica does it all. You can also add CrossFit coach, nationally ranked power lifter and amateur fighter to her tough resume.
    With a refuse-to-lose attitude, she's like a pit bull with a gas tank. A lower center of...   Read More

  64. Julie came to the US from Russia at the age of 12 and has been battling ever since. She overcame an alcohol addiction and now works as a bartender. It's that kind of strength and will power she feels has her ready for something like the Broken Skull...   Read More

  65. It's hard to believe a mother of five with a full-time job would even have time to go to the gym, but Marti always does. The forensics accident investigator is in the gym six days a week doing everything from CrossFit to weight training. She's made...   Read More

  66. Robin is the total package. The nurse practitioner is also a national weightlifting competitor and a former collegiate track and field star who enters modeling and figure competitions. She comes off very intimidating and wouldn't have it any other...   Read More

  67. Pom poms have never looked so tough. Tiffany is a collegiate cheerleading coach from Alabama. She competed in gymnastics from age 5 all the way through college. She works out six days a week and does everything from Plyometrics to CrossFit to...   Read More

  68. Alex is a self-proclaimed soldier of God. When he was young, he was involved in gangs and going to the gym helped get him onto the right path. He looks at his age as a weapon against all these young guys. He has loads of martial arts training and...   Read More

  69. A physical specimen, Amadeus played goalie for the TCU [Texas Christian University] hockey team. He lifts weights and body builds to maintain his physique. Most people underestimate him because of his height, which always works in his favor. Winning...   Read More

  70. Chris is a Navy veteran who believes he has more will and drive than anyone else. He is a big time power lifter and has competed in 12 Strongman competitions. At one time, he competed in MMA and he loves to take down bigger guys. He likes to be...   Read More

  71. James has always been a fighter. In high school, he was a state champion wrestler before continuing with it in college. He was involved in kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu before becoming an MMA fighter. He says you don't want him to get a hold of you...   Read More

  72. Joe is a three-time All-SEC decathlete. He's a humble father of two, but don't let that fool you. When it comes to competition, he lights it up. He does Seal Fit and CrossFit to keep in shape. He competes in obstacle races, CrossFit competitions and...   Read More

  73. Lex is a former Marine. Because he is a coach and gym owner, working out is a way of life for this guy. He specializes in training his clients with weights, CrossFit and martial arts. He loves to show off his chiseled physique. He hates to lose,...   Read More

  74. Logan turned his life around having overcome an addiction to drugs and alcohol by emersing himself into fitness. He comes across as a nice Southern gentleman until that bell rings and the competition begins. Then he goes into beast mode. He's an...   Read More

  75. Phil is a grandpa and is definitely the oldest guy in the competition, but he's not worried in the least.He is a bodybuilder, strongman and CrossFitter who believes he's in better shape at his age than guys in their 20s. He is willing to do whatever...   Read More

  76. Megan prides herself on being a total badass, yet still looking very feminine. The personal trainer is a huge Steve Austin fan and loves the Broken Skull Challenge because it's the truest form of competition. She's been taking notes from season one...   Read More

  77. Hannah might just be the toughest hairstylist you will ever meet. At age 20, she's already spent a year of her life fighting in MMA and loves knocking girls down. Hannah is ready for anything Steve will be dishing out and has even said she is going...   Read More

  78. A total tomboy, Erika lives for competition. The personal trainer does a little bit of everything. After spending a year playing in a women's tackle football league, Erika competed in Spartan Beast races and two half-marathons. Speed is definitely...   Read More

  79. The crazier the workout the better. That's Elise's philosophy when she hits the gym. She'll try anything that is physical. Whether it's dragging cars or sleds, if it gives her a workout, she'll do it. The former collegiate soccer star is now all...   Read More

  80. Christina is a self-proclaimed badass who loves kicking ass and taking names. The stay-at-home mom loves martial arts. She's trained in mauy thai, MMA and has a second-degree black belt in karate. She's even brought home gold at an international...   Read More

  81. When you punch someone in the face for a living, chances are, you're pretty tough. Brianne is a MMA gym owner and fighter and is as tough as they come. At her gym, she trains in kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA, all in the same day. For fun,...   Read More

  82. When you think of tough, a seventh grade teacher and 40-year-old mom doesn't exactly come to mind, unless you're talking about Nikki. She is up at 4:30 a.m. for her "morning" job as a boot camp instructor. When she's done coaching, then it's time...   Read More

  83. Sophie practically lives at a gym. Despite being a full-time graduate student, the 25-year-old is a gymnastics coach, fitness instructor and CrossFit coach. She does CrossFit five days a week, weight training three days a week and yoga two days a...   Read More


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