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Pig Bang Theory

Clayton tries to snag a hog to fill his empty freezer. Watch the full episode.

Kenny Do It

Rick finds himself in a bind and has to hire Kenny, a quirky local with almost no job qualifications. Watch the full episode.

Dibs On Ribs

Rick tries to convince locals to eat gator ribs. Meanwhile, Clayton and Joney take their nephew on his first gator hunt. Watch the full episode.

See You Later, My Friend

The Pigeon gang deal with a heartbreaking call from Shorty. Watch the emotional full episode.

Swamp and the City

Rick and Patty head to New York City for their 30th wedding anniversary. Watch the full episode online.

Swamp Men and the Sea

Rick takes the Pigeon gang deep-sea fishing. But when Austyn, Blake, and Clayton start trash talking, it turns into a battle. Watch the full episode.

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  1. Rick gives a swamp tour to some clients with high expectations. Austyn and Blake are forced to fill their last gator tags while Clayton has to find a buyer for his first catch of buffalo fish....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Rick finds himself in a bind and has to hire Kenny, a quirky local with almost no job qualifications. Hunter Greg and his son Doobie take his future father-in-law on an intense gator hunt....  Read Full Summary »


  3. Clayton tries to snag a hog to fill his empty freezer. Rick attempts to peddle high-end gator leathers and Chachie's gator crew are put to the test in his absence....  Read Full Summary »



About Swamp Pawn

  1. Follow Rick Phillips of Phillips Swamp Seafood in Bayou Pigeon, Louisiana. Not your typical pawnshop, Phillips Swamp Seafood buys and sells anything the bayou serves up -- including alligators, turtles, bullfrogs, crawfish, and everything in between. Phillips and a colorful cast of neighboring "swampers" make their living fishing, hunting and haggling in this tiny, self-sustaining community deep in the heart of the bayou.

    Swamp Pawn features an array of quirky locals who rely on their ability to sell whatever will catch a price. This close-knit community lives off the land, learns to be resourceful when times are lean and depends on each other to get by.

    Rick Phillips is the closest thing to a mayor that Bayou Pigeon has, and his business is the town's lifeblood. He's a tough customer, but with his casual country charm and sense of humor, he'll also bend over backward to help a friend or stranger.

    Along with Phillips, Swamp Pawn features the mismatched father-and-son team of Coy and Shorty Gomez, two fishermen who spend much of their time arguing, looking for work or hocking anything they can to make a living. They'd make perfect business partners if they weren't so different: Coy is a quiet, reserved and thoughtful backwoods gentleman, while his son, Shorty, is brash and scattershot. When there's trouble in the swamp, the locals call in legendary 'Chachie Boy' -- the best gator hunter in Bayou Pigeon. The cast also includes dueling husband-and-wife fishing duos Clayton and Joney Daley and Quentin and Jamie Morales, who good-naturedly compete for bragging rights as the best fishers in the bayou.

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