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Watch: Trouble in Paradise

Can the family cater to bizarre wedding requests? Watch the show.

Watch: I'll Do It My Way

The family does whatever it takes to make the bride and groom happy. Watch it now.

Watch: The Eye of the Storm

The Swans create a fairy tale wonderland complete with a horse-drawn carriage. Watch the full episode online.

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  1. A couple's bizarre request for live peacocks in their ceremony has Ashley busting her...  Read Full Summary »


  2. When a local firefighter and his fiancee ask to transform the Swanderosa into a tropical...  Read Full Summary »


  3. The Swans have to create a fairy tale wonderland for their enchanted vow renewal,...  Read Full Summary »



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About Swanderosa

  1. The Swan family has started a wedding and event planning business right in their own backyard. With dad, Tom, as the technical expert, mom, Judy, as the florist, the youngest daughter, Lesley, as the handy-person and daughter Ashley running the show, the Swans host three days of events every weekend on their property. On top of Ashley's work for the family business, she is also the glue that keeps the family together, as well as a mother to two children of her own.

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  1. The Swans host weddings at their new venue.