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  1. Devin Grissom is a student at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Raised in Cordova, Tenn., Devin considers herself a southern belle who values and respects the traditions of the south. A huge sports fan, Devin spends her Saturdays in the fall...   Read More

  2. Adam Moyer was raised by his grandparents on their horse farm in his hometown of Franklin, Tenn. Nicknamed the "Horse Whisperer," he has been helping to train horses and break colts since the age of 12. Adam finds his work with horses helpful when...   Read More

  3. Tribble Reese is a bartender from Birmingham, Ala. Tribble loves tending bar at the 40-year-old, down home bar where he works and knows everyone by name. Tribble played college football for Clemson in South Carolina and played arena football in...   Read More

  4. Collin Varallo considers himself a true southern gentleman, that prefers the company of southern belles. He owns a landscape company in his hometown of Birmingham, Ala.

    Town: Birmingham, Ala.
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight:...   Read More

  5. Jason Maxim is a thriving entrepreneur from Hollywood, Calif., looking to devour the world with a host of "Maxim" products. Jason grew-up in a fast and furious military family that worked in the secret service. He began practicing martial arts at an...   Read More

  6. Michael Dean works as a personal trainer in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nev. Michael leads an incredibly healthy and active lifestyle away from the hustle of the Strip and is amazed by the outdoor beauty Nevada has to offer. He isn't interested in...   Read More

  7. Beau served two tours of duty as a Marine sergeant squadron leader in Iraq and was proud all of his men made it home alive. He is used to succeeding in everything he does, so a little friendly competition for the girl of his dreams doesn't scare him...   Read More

  8. Brian grew up in a refined household with a French mother who took Brian and his siblings on trips around the world at a very early age. By the time he graduated from high school, he was speaking French, had a great appreciation for art and had...   Read More

  9. Britton McPherson currently is a vintage home restoration carpenter from Mobile, Ala. As a recent graduate with a degree in geology, he is planning to work in the energy industry. He is also a water sports enthusiast and great outdoorsman. His...   Read More

  10. Cody Harris is a rodeo professional from Robertsdale, Ala. Raised in a family that has strong roots in the rodeo, Cody has emerged as a young rising star. In addition to rodeo, he raises cattle and trades them in the cattle market. A true cowboy,...   Read More

  11. Cody Johnson recently returned to the states and his hometown of Kingsport, Tenn., after four years of military service and a 15-month tour of duty in Iraq. He has returned to work on his grandparents' tobacco farm and spends most of his waking...   Read More

  12. David Weeks is from Long Island, N.Y., and loves inspiring young children, which encouraged him to go back to college and become an elementary teacher and a coach. When his dad died of a heart attack and his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, he...   Read More

  13. Jeff Miranda is a red-carpet personality and performer from Newark, N.J. Jeff considers himself to be New Jersey's most sought after bachelor, but is ready to find a sweet southern belle. Although he has a larger-than-life abrasive persona, Jeff has...   Read More

  14. Joey Huskins is a licensed stock broker in Phoenix, Ariz. and loves the excitement of placing trades and moving around money. He refers to himself as "TP," which stands for the total package. Joey was drafted to play professional baseball straight...   Read More

  15. Kash Kiefer grew up Bridgeport, W.V., where he excelled both academically and athletically. He graduated Valedictorian from his high school and went on to attend the University of West Virginia where he walked onto the 2006 SugarBowl Championship...   Read More

  16. Mark Marchant grew up in Hollywood, Calif, and the word "modesty" is not in his vocabulary. He works in finance, selling bonds to banks and hospitals. He lives behind the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood and brags about his celebrity party friends and...   Read More

  17. Matt Crofton is an EMT in his hometown of San Diego, Calif, that possesses nerves of steel, he says, because accidents, injuries and mayhem do not rattle his cage. Matt loves spending as much time as possible outdoors surfing, skateboarding and...   Read More

  18. Michael Chadwick works in the cutthroat real estate world of New York City. Having survived several near death experiences, Michael is living his life to the fullest. Michael is ready to settle down with one girl, but finds that impossible in the...   Read More

  19. Mike Short Jr. is a musician from Murfreesboro, Tenn. He followed his dream of being a musician all the way to Nashville where he's already released his first album. Devoted to his music, Mike doesn't drink or smoke and is ready to find a great...   Read More

  20. Pete Westwood is proud of his accomplishments in his burgeoning music industry career in his hometown of Brooklyn, N.Y. He has already helped discover several new rap artists and landed a job with a small record label immediately upon graduation...   Read More

  21. Tripp Davis is an Ironman competitor and CPA from Jackson, Miss. After winning the title of Cosmopolitan magazine's Hottest Mississippi Bachelor of 2010, Tripp's friends gave him the nickname "Cosmo." This traditional Southern gentleman is looking...   Read More


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