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Kelsey's Choice

Kelsey makes her final decision. Will she choose city or country? Watch the season finale online now.

The Night Train

Kelsey is treated to a romantic date on a boxcar of a freight train. Watch it now.

The Bar Fight

A fun night on the town takes a dramatic turn. Watch what happens.

Sweet Home Friday Night Lights

Kelsey takes the guys to a high school football game. Can they impress the local cheer squad?

Into the Swamp

Kelsey takes the men to a swamp. The one that catches the biggest gator wins a private date. Watch it now.

Meet the Cast

Meet the country boys and city slickers who are ready to steal Kelsey's heart.

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  1. Allison DeMarcus hosts Sweet Home Alabama's Outtakes and Updates with never-before-seen...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Devin's final choice: the final two men compete for Devin's love as she makes her final...  Read Full Summary »


  3. Devin takes the final four suitors on the most romantic dates yet. Backdrops include the...  Read Full Summary »



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About Sweet Home Alabama

  1. Ten "city slickers" and 10 "country" guys are vying for the affections of Devin Grissom, a sweet Southern girl from Alabama. In order to win her heart, the bachelors from across the country compete in challenges to win time with the Southern beauty. In each one-hour episode, Devin says goodbye to more of her suitors in the hopes of finding her true love and someone her family approves.

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